'Beyoncé' goes double platinum in the States...

The self-titled new album from 'Beyoncé' has passed the 2 million mark in sales in the US this week (total 2,003,000). The album, which went through a shock release on December 13th last year has surpassed the sales of her last album '4' (1.4 million). In fact, ‘Beyonce’ becomes the first album by a black female artist to achieve multi-Platinum US sales (not shipments) since her ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce’ release in 2008.

This news is definetely cause for celebration. Though, it can't be denied that the album would have sold so much more had it received the same aggressive promotional roll-out as her 'B'Day' and 'Sasha Fierce' eras. It seems she totally relied on the shock factor to sell the album and felt that she no longer needed to promote it. Sucky situation for the fans. Still, we got 17 stunning music videos and two Award show performances (not including the BET Awards). Beggars can't be choosers right?

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