Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Ne-Yo confirms working on Rihanna's new album...

Capital FM radio did a new interview with Ne-Yo and he tells them he's worked on Rihanna’s new album. He also reveals she's working on other top secret projects. 

Rihanna's tenth anniversary is slowly creeping up so it is believed she may have something in store for that. She's been on the scene for almost a decade now and I think she's reached that point in her career where she no longer has to put out albums on an annual basis.

Her last album 'Unapologetic' dropped in 2012, and it looks like this one will come out in 2015. This will mark the longest time she has gone without putting out an album. This could actually be a positive. She could use this time to create a more cohesive career-defining album (like 'Rated R') once again. She has already proven her staying power, as well as her instant ability to put forth a hit record with ease. I hope she scraps DJ Mustard's songs by the time the album drops. His one-trick pony sound will be stale by then and I just wouldn't see the purpose of it. I'm indifferent about Ne-Yo, although they do have some good songs together.