Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Beyoncé & Jay Z go sightseeing in Paris, but Jay Z takes offense when asked, "WHO are you?"

"WHO are you?"

The biggest blow to the ego of an A-List celebrity is when they get asked who they are, as displayed by Jay Z's reaction here. Beyoncé and daughter Blue Ivy were enjoying the sights at the world-renowned Louvre museum yesterday when a paparazzi asked Jay Z the offending question. It wasn't just his reaction that had me cackling. If looks could kill, that person would be dead.

There have been cases where some well known celebrities are not as wildly recognised in certain parts of Europe, but if you know who Beyoncé is, then surely you MUST know that Jay Z is her husband and the father of her child. These paps certainly like to TRY IT when attempting to provoke a reaction from celebs especially from someone as reserved as Jay Z. Meanwhile, Beyoncé was acting oblivious to it all, snapping away Tumblr-ready pics on her DSLR camera. By the way, Blue is going to be really tall. She is already more than half of Beyoncé's body height. Beyoncé can barely carry her now!