Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Danity Kane's 'All In A Days Work' is now out and it's ALMOST everything!

“I’m making this sh*t look easy, easy, easy, easy!”

A year ago, Danity Kane previewed a hot new track called 'All In A Days Work' during their House Of Blues gig in LA. The good news is that the full studio version has now popped up, one week before their last ever studio album ‘DK3 is officially released.

The stomping cut serves as a rock-tinged club banger, with lots of urban bounce, and some prominent guitars. The bad news is that the song does not sound so complete, like they completely rushed it prior to their unfortunate circumstances. Aubrey O’Day sings the same verse twice in a row (prior to the noticeable absence of Aundrea Fimbres) and the vocals are not very polished. I suppose we should just be grateful that we are getting something. If this song was worked on properly and received the proper mixing and mastering, it would have been soooo hardcore. Fans would not have to make do with half finished songs, making this entire situation all the more bitter sweet.