Saturday, 1 November 2014

Tiny defends eye colour surgery on GMA...

Yesterday saw Tameka 'Tiny' Harris defending her recent eye colour changing surgery during an exclusive interview with Good Morning America. 

I never understand why anyone would have drastic surgery on their eyes for vanity purposes when they have perfectly good eyes. It just screams dangerously risky to me. I could never.
If cosmetic surgery goes wrong, a nose and boob job are reversible but what compensates for going blind other than a hefty payout? Um, I would rather have my sight. Anyway, she now resembles Smokey Robinson's look-a-like daughter and believe me, that is NOT a compliment. But if they make her happy, so be it. Watch as she talks about her decision to go to Africa to have her eye colour turn from brown to ice grey, her husband T.I.’s reaction and more below.