Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Leona Lewis performs flopped single 'Fire Under My Feet' for United Studios Session...

New song failed to make top 40 in UK...
Leona Lewis did not deserve to flop, but sadly, she did. Her comeback single 'Fire Under My Feet' only managed to chart at number 51 on the official UK singles chart this week.

The song, her first single without Simon Cowell, did not move the British public and has now become a certified flop. Cowell may see this as his victory because he could gloat and say Leona's career is nothing without him.

Had she been under his wing, he would have secured her a performance slot on Britain's Got Talent. The problem is that the song has recieved very little to no promo at all. A good song does not sell on quality alone, or at least not without the assistance of payola and manipulative underhand tactics. You have to fight for the success of your work, and I just don't think Leona did enough this time round.