Beyoncé hooks up with 'Drunk In Love' producer...

Producer Detail teases that brand new Beyoncé music is coming (in case you weren't aware, he produced '7/11' and 'Drunk In Love').

Detail hung out with Beyoncé over the weekend because they both attended Kelly Rowland’s 35th birthday party (alongside Tina, Michelle Williams and Solange.) When a fan asked where the new music was on Instagram, he simply replied "Iz Coming." It simply can't be a coincidence that he was there with them, unless he's doing some work on Kelly's new album too (what happened to that February single?). Would you be here for another 'Drunk In Love,' or (judging by the sound of 'Formation') does Bey need to switch things up a little?

A photo posted by detailgo (@detailgo) on

A photo posted by detailgo (@detailgo) on


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