Britney Spears set to wrap residency + releases new scent

Britney Spears launches her 21st fragrance 'Fantasy In Bloom,' and here's the new promo now available in high quality.

I swear this chick has more perfumes than hit singles. Can we get a third single announcement from 'Glory' please? Is that asking for too much? Or should I just say, R.I.P.? The fragrance, produced by Elizabeth Arden, is already being sold in select stores, but what it smells like... is yet to be revealed. I'm clueless to what a Britney scent smells like (let alone acquaint myself with her many 'Fantasy' series), but perhaps it's time I should? Fragrances not worth bothering about don't gross more than $1.5 billion - $2 billion.

In other news, this year may be the last of Britney's Las Vegas residency 'Piece Of Me.' At least according to a telling Instagram post, which was written by Sarah Mitchell, one of her dancers in the show. After 200+ shows (which began in 2013), she is retiring Vegas. However, she has already expressed her willingness to tour globally again and has another new album in the works.

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