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Lady Gaga is eyeing next year's Super Bowl, and Usher's new album is set to flop horribly. What are TW readers saying this week?
The general opinion is that Lady Gaga would be a really good fit for next year's Super Bowl halftime show. She's currently in talks with the NFL. Major mainstream/pop acts have been doing it back to back now. However, one reader says it's time to change it up a bit. Sarah P says:
"They need to give a rock band a shot....Green Day, Bon Jovi, The Police."
Talented (and legendary) artists like Bon Jovi and The Police deserve this just as much as your Beyoncé's and Katy Perry's. Big production can really help a performance. However, seeing an artist dance their ass off or rock out to their instruments is enough to entertain the masses as opposed to a smoke and mirrors performance.

Mariah Carey craves that Instagram attention on the regular. It doesn't come across so well when the photos just aren't flattering. numba1boyd says:
"She looks very trailer park porn wannabe."
... while XYZ says she "looks like a cheap porn actress." Sexiness isn't suppose to be forced. Mariah's problem is that as she moves closer to 50, she is becoming more and more insecure with herself. She wants to be seen as sexy forever and will stop at nothing to maintain that MILF status. It's not the natural type of sexy you see oozing out of Jennifer Lopez who is also the same age (with young twins too.) You either have it, or you don't.

Justin Timberlake says he would gladly reunite with Britney Spears for a collaboration. Would everyone be here for it? Cam certainly thinks so.
"Regardless of how her albums sell Britney is still seen as Pop Royalty who's Vegas show is considered a must see, and I think he's actually sincere when he says yes especially when he's defended both Brit and Xtina in the past. Let's be honest everyone and their mother would be clicking play if that track were to drop."
The shock factor alone would have this type of collaboration doing some serious damage. Bring it on then!

JoJo is finally releasing a new album, and she premiered the title track this week. 'Mad Love' has been getting mad love. WFJ says:
"Decent song. It's kind of like a poor man's version of Rihanna's "Love On the Brain," but with a much greater vocal range."
Come to think of it, the similarities are there. JoJo should have had 'Love On The Brain,' because not only is it a superior song, she would have nailed it vocally!

The biggest shock of the week is Usher's new album 'Hard II Love' predicted to sell a baffling 20k next week. Usher has done himself no favours trying to follow trends this era. Citi says:
"The album is horrible. And I'm an Usher fan that has his first 3 albums. He's suffering from the same fate that Mariah is - which is trying to be relevant releasing embarrassing songs which separates them from their fanbase and the general public."
The album has been receiving positive reviews from professional media. Rolling Stone gave it 4/5. However, the album hasn't been getting a great reception from his oldschool supporters, and the only real stand out is 'Tell Me.' Next time eh, Ush?


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