Lady Gaga gets called out on her desperation for a hit...

An artist solely relies on fan support to ensure their records become a hit. But what happens when you encourage your fans to cheat the system?

You get called out, as Lady Gaga has discovered! Apparently, Bill Werde, editorial director of Billboard magazine was not impressed when Gaga retweeted links to playlists that enabled fans to stream her 'Applause' video non-stop. This latest storm follows reports of Gaga exploiting her fans for a #1 hit single. This week, she was accused of encouraging them to download her new single numerous times so that they can win a chance to meet her, as well as watching her iTunes festival performance. After getting caught, those retweets mysteriously vanished.

I have no doubt in my mind that Gaga saw her sales forecast in comparison to Katy Perry's and was not pleased to see her ass getting kicked SEVERELY in that department. For as it turns out, Perry more than DOUBLED Gaga's numbers which really isn't a good look for her. No wonder desperation and thirst kicked in. Gaga's 'Applause' opened with 218k in first week US sales while Perry's 'Roar' sold 550k. 1-0 to Perry!