Leo said...

Feature Leo's NEW VISUAL ALBUM "Stevie Boi Jr."

Hey Toyas World! I'm Leo, an up and coming HipHop/R&B artist and I just released my new VISUAL ALBUM "Stevie Boi Jr." on all platforms! I would love to be featured on your website!! Let me know, thanks and blessings.

About Leo:
Leo is a 24 year old Massachusetts native who discovered his passion for music when he was 14 years old. As high school was approaching, Leo was diving deep into spirituality and his own connection to the universe. This enabled him to discover and unlock things about himself he never knew he was capable of. Since Junior year of high school he started releasing music while creating a brand for himself entitled “granted” where all of his music, videos, artwork and merchandise falls under collectively. Rising above overwhelming hate and bullying in the beginning, Leo continues to expand his audience through promoting love and positivity as he moves closer to his dreams.

The Album:
After 2 years in the making, Leo has just released his concept visual album “Stevie Boi Jr.” Visual available on YouTube, this album is a 9 song, 29 minute full visual project compiled of cartoon animation and real life imagery. From his childhood upbringing, to his relentless pursuit of his career you are able to hear, see, and feel all of the highs and lows of Stevie Boi Jr.’s journey. Find out how he powers through the day on tracks like “Morning Routine” and watch him reflect on his childhood while questioning the laws of human consciousness on “Decades.” Listen as ‘Stevie Boi Jr.’ calls out the mainstream media and their underlying agenda on the song “Same Old Sound” followed by metaphoric struggles through the valleys of the Utah Canyons on his song “Canyon Call.” Listen to the pain in Stevie Boi Jr.’s voice as he foreshadows a broken heart from a past lover on the closing track “Deja Vu.” Needless to say, “Stevie Boi Jr.” takes us on a rollercoaster of a journey through the mind and emotions of Leo as he rises to the top.

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