Jessie J performs ‘It’s My Party’ on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’...

One way for the BBC to kickstart their premiere episode - on a not so high note - would be to allow Jessie J to perform her incredibly generic new single 'It's My Party' last night.

We know Tess Daly gets paid to compliment the guests on this show but describing Jessie's new song as "a treat" is really cutting it thin in my book! Whether or not she had you scrambling for the earplugs, at least one person left happy was Julien Macdonald. The talented designer could not hold back his excitement when Jessie strutted around in one of his sparkly creations. 

She looked great of course but it was not enough to distract from the overly theatrical vocal delivered during that moment. New ‘Alive’ drops on September 23rd, and ‘It’s My Party’ is released to iTunes on September 15th. Check out the performance below.