Snapshot: Chris Brown & Usher on the set of 'New Flame' video...

I knew this was coming when I saw them in the 'Loyal' video and I have to say, it's been a long time coming! Chris Brown and Usher are shooting their video for 'New Flame', which Chris is reportedly directing. I've waited far too long to see an official dance-off between these two. Now I just think they left it too late, so Chris will most likely cane Usher. The shoot took place yesterday in Cali and here is the first photo:
The song is a definite feature on CB's upcoming new album 'X' but no word on whether Usher will feature it on his new album (due September). Usher is 10 years older than Chris and his dancing is no longer what it use to be. Overall, CB may be the better dancer but Usher is STILL the better performer. He sings live (and in key) while dancing at the same time.

Chris can't do both, his singing is terrible while doing choreography. Usher is a more seasoned performer and it clearly shows. Also, his dancing in its prime was equal to or greater than CB's. Besides, this is not really a dancey type of song for choreo due to it being a ballad. But then, Usher is good for dancing in videos that don't require it, so let's see how this pans out.