Gwen Stefani's new single 'Baby Don't Lie' comes with more details...

Judging by a snippet of Fergie's new single, it's not sounding so strong for a lead comeback. So, we can only hope Gwen Stefani comes correct with hers. 

It has been revealed that Gwen's highly anticipated comeback single 'Baby Don't Lie' (due October 6th) was written by Ryan Tedder and produced by Benny Blanco. The song reportedly has a tribal vibe to it, and contains lots of elements from One Republic’s 'Love Runs Out' and Adele’s 'Rumor Has It' (also co-written by Tedder).
The song is said to have a repetitive chorus, with men chanting “oohs” after it. Okay, now my excitement has kind of dwindled a little. The moment I heard Tedder co-wrote it, I knew it would be a rehash of one of his older songs. Isn't that often the case? Hopefully, Gwen can put her own unique spin on the record.