Jessie J's first week album sales look very underwhelming (predictions)...

Jessie J's new album 'Sweet Talker' is predicted to sell between 20-25K copies in its first week, which may see her scrape into the top 10 of the Billboard 200. 

She is doing the same exact numbers as Keyshia Cole. The difference is, Jessie had amazing promo this era. She was provided with a massive budget for music videos and high profile features.

She was also given expensive product placement, a costly production team and radio airplay. The biggest promo of all was a major coveted VMAs spot with that opening performance featuring Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande. If I'm totally honest, these numbers are not THAT surprising when you think about it. Her name barely came up in Google searches for her hit song 'Bang Bang,' and just goes to show the song was only a hit because Ariana and Nicki's names were attached to it. 

Secondly, it doesn't seem like her 2 Chainz-assisted second single 'Burnin' Up' may have a big impact despite it being a much better song than 'Bang Bang.' What makes this situation worse is that a couple of weeks ago (keyword: WEEKS) U2 gave away their album for FREE to every iTunes user in the world and they are predicted to sell at least 5K more. As I say, Jessie had amazing promo and a massive budget but her name just doesn't create hysteria. Here is what her promo has looked like this era:

08/24 MTV Video Music Awards 2014
10/10 Good Morning America
10/13 Dancing with the stars
10/13 Live with Kelly & Michael
10/19 X-Factor UK
10/17 Ellen Show
10/22 MOBO Awards
10/27 The Queen Latifah Show
11/30 HALO Awards Nickelodeon