Rita Ora's first night as a 'Voice' judge...

Before I begin, did anyone see this article dragging Rita Ora? Daily Mail are normally trash, and I only go there to get my daily picture fix. But in all honesty, they're not really saying anything I haven't been saying for months. She's practically known for everything else other than her music. Sure, she's had quite a lot of major endorsements (I won't downplay that), but how is she getting them?

Those multiple endorsements just doesn't seem to match what she's actually achieved in her overall career. Her music has had very little success in America and she's only released 4-5 singles in the UK. As I said in a previous post, she's more famous for being papped wearing something tacky, partying non-stop and pissing off ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris. Then when it was announced she had snagged the role as Mia in the hotly anticipated film 'Fifty Shades of Grey', it came as a shock to many. How she got the role no one knew. Her profile in the States just isn't very established. 

Well, anyway, I just got done watching her first night on BBC's The Voice. I just felt her first attempt at judging was soooo cringe. God help any hot man on there that Rita finds drop dead gorgeous. She will flirt with him like mad, make comments about his peen legs, and how much she insanely fancies his ass (never mind that the Scottish firefighter had his wife watching from backstage). The chick was like a dog in heat, the way she was fawning over him! It's a wonder she didn't ask him for a strip show! He must have felt uncomfortable because she was laying it on thick! Needless to say, he didn't choose her. 

I can't exactly give a real evaluation on her judging skills since it was the first night. Some people get better at it, and others don't. The show is not exactly thriving so I can't see it doing anything for her career. Hell, it might even hinder it. People do give her a hard time, but perhaps if her music wasn't so basic and forgettable, she would be much more appreciated around these parts.