Thursday, 8 January 2015

Tamar Braxton falls flat with ‘Let Me Know’ performance in Atlanta...

Tamar Braxton has the extraordinary vocal talent that many female singers could only dream of. Sadly, you would never guess it after watching this performance. Tamar treated fans to a live showing of new single ‘Let Me Know’ in Atlanta a few nights ago and in part it was flat and very pitchy. Her whistles were off and her vocals lacked control. It was actually very painful to listen to.

I always thought Tamar was a better singer than her sister Toni. But now I realise that just because Tamar has a more superior range does not necessarily mean she's the better singer. There's a difference. At times, Tamar has no idea how to use her very blessed instrument. She and Christina Aguilera are pretty much in the same boat. ‘Let Me Know’ isn't really doing much right now, but that's because Tamar isn't doing much to promote it. Perhaps it's time for Vince to get on the phone to Lady Gaga for that much needed promotional tweet.