Britney Spears’ ex-manager included in $750 million ❝Astroworld❞ lawsuit...

Britney's former manager Lou Taylor is facing more than conservatorship abuse allegations. Her company Tri Star is now included in the ❝Astroworld❞ $750 million lawsuit. 
The $750 million lawsuit is filed on behalf of 125 victims who were injured at Travis Scott’s ❝Astroworld❞ concert two weeks ago. Tri Star reportedly organized Scott's ill-fated ❝Astroworld❞ festival, leaving ten people dead and 300 injured. Taylor, who recently purchased a $3.5 million home near West Hollywood, has consistently evaded Mathew Rosengart's simple accounting requests. He demands to know how much money Tri Star earned during their time working for Britney's conservatorship estate. Taylor is said to have allegedly embezzled $600 million from Britney. Of course they have refused to give an answer. 
“Notwithstanding Tri Star’s moral and legal obligation to provide this simple information, Tri Star’s ongoing failure to answer this question speaks volumes and leads to the unfortunate and inexorable conclusion that Tri Star has much to hide,” he wrote. 

Getting hounded like a rabid dog is the least of Taylor's problems as it looks like she is set to pay out millions (allegedly Britney's millions but still) in this ❝Astroworld❞ lawsuit which is growing larger and larger as the days go by. $750 million is simply not enough for 50,000-plus traumatized concertgoers that experienced the deadly stapede. This lawsuit deserves to be in the billions. 
TODAY'S UPDATE: Tri Star, Travis Scott, Drake, Live Nation & Apple now facing $2 billion lawsuit for the ❝Astroworld❞ tragedy on behalf of 282 plaintiffs.