Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Rihanna curses CBS for pulling down her song...

There are two words Rihanna has for CBS. A big fat "F*** you!" Last week, CBS’ ‘NFL Thursday Night Football’ telecast had pulled her Jay Z-led hit song ‘Run this Town’ following leaked footage of Ray Rice's recent assault on his then-fiancee Janay. 

It was a move punishing Rihanna for being a domestic abuse victim herself.
As the world knows, she was brutally assualted by then-boyfriend Chris Brown. I found it interesting that Rihanna remained silent because this is not something the sharp-mouthed singer would not react to. Needless to say, now that she has broken her silence, her response was not disappointing to say the least. Her words mirror my opinion on the matter and yes, she is 100% right.