Is Kiely Williams a producer plant? #BETPresentsTheEncore

Everyone is talking about BET's new show The Encore. Nine of the most memorable R&B songstresses from the 1990s and 2000s move into a mansion together. As the ultimate R&B supergroup, they have 30 days to learn choreography, polish up their vocals and record an album. Everyone has their own vision, particularly 3LW's Kiely Williams who has taken it upon herself to become "creative director." 

This has angered her housemates as they feel Kiely is acting like she is above being in the group. She didn't come with any concepts or ideas to validate her role as creative director. The only thing she's been good at is directing the drama. Yet, she's participated in the dancing and recording process and practically does everything required in being part of the group. The vocal coach and the producers that have entered the house are all treating her like she's in the group. So her participation has riled up her confused housemates and they ask her a million times, "b*tch, why are you here?!" 

Aubrey O' Day gave a whole presentation in this week's episode and was automatically accepted as "creative director," while Kiely just sat there and seethed. After watching events unfold, I've come to the conclusion that Kiely is a plant drafted in by producers of the show. I don't think she was paid to be creative director. I think she was paid to SAY she's creative director just to stir the pot and provoke drama. She went on the show just for the clout. 

If BET wanted a creative director, they would have hired an expert, not some washed up "singer" known to throw buckets of KFC chicken in people's faces. As an avid watcher of reality shows, I know all too well that producers often bring in plants to give the show more entertainment value ('Love Island' is the worse, yet my ass doesn't leave the couch). A "reality" show isn't really a reality show when it involves producer manipulation and scripted dialogue. Kiely is thee worst singer, and a lisp has nothing to do with it. She really cannot sing and makes Britney Spears sound like Whitney Houston. Hearing her sing on the show is real proof of that, and it makes no sense to bring in a horrible singer to join actual vocalists in a group. Kiely is not a real participant and the more I watch this show, the more evident it becomes.


Jrocka said...

She was in the original line up with Farrah and D Woods so Carlos prob kept her seeing how she’s TV gold lol

The B List said...

It’s sad how she is clueless on how the producers are using her. Though she also need to clue in, take note and then call up Lil’ Mama and do a new City Girl type duo… because ‘The Sex was Spectacular’ Lawd!