Watch: Miguel releases 13-minute mini film from his 'Wildheart' album...

Miguel delivers a steamy 13-minute mini-movie called 'Wildheart Chapter 1: Find What You Love and Let It Kill You.'

It features three of the songs from the album, '…goingtohell,' 'Coffee' and 'NWA.' From heavy petting in a gallery to romping around in the shower, the erotic angle is further visualised. Check out a cameo from Kurupt who delivers his guest verse on 'NWA.'

Miguel’s new album ‘Wildheart’ is out now.

Britney Spears working with DJ Mustard...

Mustard on the beat ho!
DJ Mustard confirms to Capital FM's Max that he has been in the studio with Britney Spears.

The producer, behind Tinashe's hit single '2 On', made his admission at the Wireless festival in London over the weekend.

Does Mustard not realise her team hates it when producers speak on their contributions prematurely?

Kiss goodbye to making the cut!

Ashanti caught in a lie over cancelled gig...

Over the weekend, Ashanti was scheduled to perform at Club Mixx in New York City.

At the last minute, she pulled out telling fans in a (now deleted) Instagram post that the venue had been shut down by police.

Apparently, she was too embarrassed to admit the real reason for being a total no show that night. The real reason?

No one showed up!

Pics of the day...

A flawless Rihanna was spotted at her favourite Italian eatery Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica last night.

Rihanna's hair colour is everything, and then I look down at her shoes and I'm salivating like crazy!

Her 'Bitch Better Have My Money' video has been getting some very mixed reviews this week. Personally I loved it, but some of you lot are so damn uptight!

Rita Ora shoots new video with Chris Brown...

This week in Los Angeles, Rita Ora shot the music video for her Chris Brown assisted new single, with further details yet to be disclosed.

She is spotted on set with the singer himself, alongside director Colin Tilley. CB stays getting work. He is in everybody's song. Everybody's video.

This is a great look for Rita. The song will definitely impact simply because CB is featured on it. 

Leona Lewis selects debut Stateside single...

It appears Leona Lewis will be relaunching her music career in the States with 'Thunder,' which goes for Hot/Modern/AC adds on July 27th in the US.

'Fire Under My Feet' underperformed in the UK, so it is actually smart to change tactic, though I'm not sure if that song will quite cut it.

However, it would be nice if the song did see some success in the States, as it has been a while.

Janet Jackson's 'No Sleeep' debuts on the Billboard Hot 100...

Janet Jackson has scored her 40th Billboard Hot 100 this week with her comeback single 'No Sleeep.' The track debuted at a modest #67. Congrats?

Much of the song’s points were attributed from sales, pushing 38,000 units for its #35 position on the Digital Songs chart.

It's too premature to call it a flop, but considering she's been gone for seven years, her comeback hasn't had the major impact that fans were hoping for.

Iggy Azalea continues to defend herself against angry Britney fans...

A week ago, Iggy Azalea kind of blamed Britney Spears for 'Pretty Girls' flopping on the charts, as she barely promoted it.

Britney seemingly responded with a shady tweet of her own, which made hell of a lot of noise in the media.

Well, it doesn't end. Iggy continued her Twitter tirade insisting that if a roll-out plan could have happened on her end, it would have.

Watch: Rihanna & Tidal host early screening for 'Bitch Better Have My Money'...

As one of my readers correctly guessed, Rihanna treated 80 fans to a late-night screening of her new music video 'Bitch Better Have My Money' on Wednesday.

The 'TidalxRihanna' event took place at the Bob Baker Marionette Theatre in Los Angeles.

The day's activities saw Rihanna kidnap selected fans who entered the TIDAL x Rihanna contest.

Pics of the day...

Apparently, James Packer is far too rich to help his new girlfriend Mariah Carey as she comes dangerously close to falling down some yacht stairs in Spain.

Like seriously, the man didn't even flinch or bat an eyelid! Just sat there puffing away at his ciggie. WTF.

Listen... nice girls deserve nice men, and Packer is far from being the gentleman that Ms Carey deserves.

Video Premiere: Rihanna – ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’...

A sadistic Rihanna puts her blood-fueled revenge into action after discovering her accountant has been ripping her off.

I was expecting another stripper video, but she totally pulled out the stops with this one. The cinematic, NSFW visuals for ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ had an engaging storyline which matched the song perfectly.

Due to its lateness, all that money, hard work and effort may have been in vain sadly.

Sneak Peek: Tamar Braxton – ‘If I Don’t Have You’...

Tamar Braxton teams up with her fellow reality stars in the Harlem Nights-inspired music video for her new single 'If I Don’t Have You.'

A sneak peek preview of the clip has just been released. If you're into your reality shows, you will probably recognise some of them from 'Real Housewife of Atlanta' and 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians.'


Watch: Beyoncé celebrates marriage equality with #LoveWins video...

Beyoncé takes to Instagram earlier today to share her support for the LGBT community.

She was celebrating the Supreme Court's recent ruling to declare marriage equality in all fifty states. Bey brings out her coloured wigs, rainbow flag, and scantily clad rainbow outfits, while prancing around sexily to her own single '7/11.'

That's good and all. I mean, it's never too late to join the bandwagon party, and make it all about you in the process.

Rihanna surpasses 100 million singles certifications...

Today, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announces Rihanna surpassing more than 100 million Gold & Platinum song certifications.

She now has the most Digital Single Awards and is the first and only artist to surpass RIAA’s 100 million cumulative singles award threshold (details!).

That Rihanna reign... tasty achievement for a tasty singer! Riri is now officially thee digital queen of the 21st century. Congrats!

New Music: Mila J feat. Bobby Brackins – ‘Sorry’...

Mila J is back with a brand new break-up tune, called 'Sorry.'

The feisty singer is serving up major summer vibes on the R&B banger, and she is kicking off her summer by breaking up with her fella... with an apology.  Cute!

What is your summer looking like? No word on where the song will place. However, she's been hard at work in the studio on her very first studio album.

New Music: Prince – ‘HARDROCKLOVER’...

The legendary Prince is in a hard rock place on new sexy jam, 'HARDROCKLOVER.'

The raunchy number, which he debuted today via his Soundcloud, comprises a fiery electric guitar, and sees Prince using his techniques to make a woman scream and moan.

He may be approaching 60, but I believe Prince can still do it too. Prince never stopped being sexy to me, and I don't think he ever will!

Watch: Miguel performs 'Coffee' on Kimmel & GMA...

Miguel stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and Good Morning America to perform his new single 'Coffee' off his latest album 'Wildheart,' which came out this week.

Miguel is a really great vocalist and of course the lothario delivered a very sexy performance. I truly believe he is the closest we have to a modern day Prince. At least a modern day Prince of our generation.

As for his outfit though... uh... yeah...

New Music: Robin Thicke – ‘Morning Sun’...

Failed marriage aside, Robin Thicke is sure he's found “the one” on romantic new tune, ‘Morning Sun.’

Robin is returning to his roots with the nostalgic 90s sound. It's such a chill mid-tempo groove, packed with soul and some saxophone. Nice addition!

Sure, artists experiment with their sound from time to time, but this is the Robin Thicke we've all grown to know and love!

Britney Spears shades Iggy Azalea's cancelled tour...

Britney Spears has thrown some subtle shade at Iggy Azalea after the rapper indirectly implied the lukewarm performance of their collaboration 'Pretty Girls' was down to Britney not promoting it.

"So thankful I have shows for the rest of the year to look forward to," she tweeted, which appears to be a clear stab at Iggy's cancelled 'Great Escape' tour.


Pics of the day...

The BET Awards may be over, but that doesn't mean the party stops there. Lots of celebrities had a good time dining and wining with their spouses.

Others appear to be having a mid-life crisis of sorts, and some who have been in hibernation came out just to say, hi.

Joanna 'JoJo' Levesque has been released from her contractural prison two years ago now, so why is it taking so damn long for her to drop that album?!

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