Arrivals #BETAwards

It takes serious guts for a woman to show up on any red carpet (or grey in this case) with ZERO makeup on! I hated what Alicia wore during her arrival, but kudos where kudos is due because I know I couldn't do it. Hollywood is scrutinising as it is. Check last night's looks below (and feel free to add). Who was your fave?

Video Premiere: Fantasia – ‘Sleeping With The One I Love’

Fantasia decided to push the boat a little with this one. She teams up with Derek Blanks to deliver a visual that had an 'Orange Is The New Black' meets 'Chicago' type vibe. I kinda like it. ‘Sleeping With The One I Love’ is off Fantasia's new album 'The Definition Of...' due July 29th via RCA Records.

Video Premiere: Mila J - 'Kicking Back'

Mila J recently dropped her new EP '213,' and has just released the first visual from it. The Chris Stokes directed clip is summery, and it wouldn't be a Mila J video without some choreo. I'm in different about the song, but like Christina Milian, it seems she's resigned herself to being no more than just a self funded EP artist.

New Music: Maxwell – ‘All The Ways Love Can Feel’

The latest cut to be released from Maxwell's upcoming 'blackSUMMERS’night' album is the seductive, horn-heavy 'All The Ways Love Can Feel.' This is crying out for a remix. Not to say the song needs one. It doesn't. I just feel a fierce remix could be made from this. What do you think? Maxwell's new album drops on Friday.

Fergie unwraps 'M.I.L.F.$' single cover + release date

Previously reported was Fergie's lead single where she shot a cameo-filled music video with a bunch of celebrity mums. It is now titled  'M.I.L.F.$,' and according to Universal Music Singapore, it is set to be released on digital retailers and streaming services from July 1st (this Friday). The track is lifted off her upcoming 'Double Duchess' album. You ready?!

Kelly Rowland’s new group June’s Diary premieres 'L.A.N.C.E. video

Kelly's got some serious Beyoncé problems, because she's clearly trying to push that one chick to the forefront. They sound great and the video is cute for what it is but the song is that stereotypical/boxed in urban cut, and dropping a profanity laced track as a debut single is very risky business.

New Music: Rihanna – ‘Sledgehammer’

Rihanna is really showing her range on her haunting new single ‘Sledgehammer,’ which will assist the upcoming sci-fi film 'Star Trek Beyond.' She sounds really good here, but the real question is, do you think the Sia penned ballad is going to win her an Oscar (apparently Rih has writing credits too)?

Beyoncé & Kendrick Lamar perform 'Freedom' #BETAwards

What did BET have to do to get Beyoncé this year? You know she'll only show her face every few years (if that). Sometimes, they'd be lucky to get a performance from her via Skype. On the other hand, Bey has been pro-black this era, so she decided to throw in the towel and do it big. Water filled stage and all. See you in 10 years time, Bey!

Usher & Young Thug perform 'No Limit' #BETAwards

Usher was cruelly reminded that he's getting older. Dancing AND singing is something he can't really do anymore. Harsh reality. He was already out of breath during the first verse, and it's really sad to see him move into this direction. He should be aging gracefully into a Luther Vandross. Not Chris Brown.

Maxwell tributes Prince #BETAwards

A single vocal flaw could not be heard in Maxwell's performance last night as he performed latest single 'Lake By The Ocean' as well as a rousing Prince tribute of 'Nothing Compares 2 U.' Watch Maxwell giving soul to the party below.

Alicia Keys performs 'In Common' #BETAwards

Alicia sounds really good when she sings in her range and isn't straining. It appears she was trying to cut down on costs and not pay for a band. Either that, or BET's budget was blown on Beyoncé. The economic fallout of Brexit is hitting everybody hard.

Jennifer Hudson tributes Prince #BETAwards

This performance perfectly captured the pain we all feel at the premature loss of Prince. My only concern is that Jennifer Hudson's singing career is fast becoming tribute performances. She is like the Grimm Reaper of soul, disappearing for a while and only resurfacing when somebody of significance passes away.

Janelle Monáe tributes Prince #BETAwards

As talented as Janelle Monáe is, the vocal just wasn't there. It was an entertaining tribute though, and the energy was exceptional. She even rocked those cut out butt pants that Prince wore back in the day. So no, she wasn't going the classless route as suggested by some.

Chris Brown reacts to THAT crass Kanye West video

The fact that Kanye West doesn't target Bey and Jay in his controversial 'Famous' video clearly shows he knows WHO to draw the line with. Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift were all victims though. While Chris laughs it off, other celebs may not and could very well sue him for sexualising their image without their permission.

Christina Aguilera performs ‘Change’ on Kimmel

Christina with controlled vocals works so well. Her first televised performance of 'Change' was really nice (as well as emotional). The song itself pays homage to the victims of Orlando’s Pulse Night Club tragedy. Check out the heartfelt performance inside!

Kelly Rowland’s group June's Diary debut new single 'L.A.N.C.E.'

Seems June's Diary's new single  'L.A.N.C.E.' (acronym for 'Lying Ass N*gga Cheating Everyday') is strictly for the urban market only. However, a profanity laced song as your debut single? Nope. Not the way to go. June's Diary is better suited as an actual album title. They should've just kept 'Chasing Destiny' instead.

New Music: Maxwell – ‘Gods’

Maxwell is simply brooding on this sexy, smooth, quiet storm, even if he previewed the song well over three years ago! Yeah, probably not as "new" as I'd have liked. Still, look out for 'Gods' when the song features on his upcoming new album 'blackSUMMERS’night,' due July 1st.

Adele's '25' is *finally* coming to Spotify + Apple Music!

It was only a matter of time. But since sales of Adele's blockbuster selling album '25' have slowed, now's a good time to put her music on all the main streaming services. The initial decision was taken to protect '25' from early cannibalization of sales. For the first time after midnight, '25' will be streaming on Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music in full. Good news?

Chris Martin compares Rihanna to Frank Sinatra

Chris Martin tells the UK's The Guardian that Rihanna's voice is a force to be reckoned with. He says: "Rihanna is the Frank Sinatra of our generation. She can turn anything into gold with that voice." Deja bloody Vu? To add my two pence, if he's talking about Rihanna's voice easily fitting any genre without sounding out of place, I'm inclined to agree.

Chris Brown’s manager is suing him for assault

Chris Brown's ex manager Mike G is suing him for beating him up (deets!) A month never goes by without someone claiming he assaulted them. But it's his Instagram video addressing the incident that bothers me more. He looks a drug-addled mess! Dude has too much money to not receive the psychological help he needs. Something is seriously wrong with him!

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