Has Aston Merrygold's solo career flopped before it's begun?

Former JLS frontman Aston Merrygold’s debut single, 'Get Stupid' debuted at a disappointing #28 on the UK official singles chart this week. This doesn't surprise me one single bit. The instant I heard 'Get Stupid,' I knew it wasn't a hit.

Everyone assumed Aston would flourish in his solo career while he was at the height of his JLS fame, but those fans who were high schoolers at the time (are probably now embarrassed to admit they were once JLS stans and have good jobs following graduation) have since moved on. Seems only Bruno Mars can rock a pompadour and a suit, while putting out retro sounding music. I feel he needed something a bit more cutting edge and contemporary because this direction was never going to work out for him. It will be interesting to see how he rebrands himself with the next single. Meanwhile, his fellow X Factor counterparts Little Mix continue to go from strength to strength scoring their longest #1 hit single with 'Black Magic' (three weeks in a row.) Congrats girls!

New Music: Jordin Sparks – ‘They Don’t Give’...

Jordin Sparks unveils another new song 'They Don’t Give,' off her new album 'Right Here Right Now' (due August 21st). It's a nostalgic love ballad about the odds being stacked against her relationship. However, when it comes to her man, it's them against the world.

'They Don’t Give' was previously issued as a sample on her '#ByeFelicia' mixtape and now we get to hear it in full. It is giving some serious throwback vibes, like classic 90s Babyface. It's proper oldschool R&B, and the legendary songwriter really went there with the deep rooted production. Jordin sounds so nice singing it, and I think her album is going to be a really solid R&B album. We could really do with one of those right now.

Off topic...

What would YOU do?!?! 

I know it's a stupid question because I know it's not possible, but really, how do you tell someone their breath smells stomach curdling vile without offending them? You should not be able to smell someone's breath when you are sitting perhaps two or three paces away from them. My colleague yawns quite a lot so it's torture and I don't want to seem like a bitch by requesting being seated elsewhere. Fuck it. I think I'm going to have to bring in my own laptop to work and seat myself somewhere else. I honestly don't know how no one in his family has not told him he has really bad halitosis. Either they're just as nasty as he is or they told him but he just doesn't care to do anything about it. And... uh... now it's back to our regularly scheduled programming.

New Music: Alicia Keys – ‘28 Thousand Days’...

Check out a brand new song from Alicia Keys called '28 Thousand Days,' which is part of Levi's new Summer/Fall campaign. The average life span of a human is 76 years (28,000 days), and Alicia is advising everyone to live their life to the fullest.

I think I've heard the same song from her a million times already. Not just lyrically but the marching drum inspired music, chants and blaring horns. It's the same anthem-ish production that she keeps reycling into the ground. It's not a bad song, but for her standards, it's basic. I miss her more soulful, R&B records and will just continue to hope we get better from her new album.

Mariah Carey hits the studio with Justin Bieber & French Montana...

Oh dear. Nothing good can come of this. And I mean absolutely nothing. In fact, any legend that wants to tarnish their legacy by duetting with Justin Bieber deserves to flop.

It was bad enough when Mariah re-recorded her festive classic 'All I Want For Christmas,' alongside the Biebs. Although I considered their pairing to be quite odd, it didn't bother me too much, as that was a 20-year-old something song, which I've heard in many (often cheese grated) versions. The cut will most likely appear on JB's upcoming new album, which is due to be released later this year.

Jennifer Lopez is readying pop return...

Jennifer Lopez is back in the studio again (as we already know), so there's very much a chance she may release a brand new single to coincide with her Vegas residency kicking off January 20th, 2016.

With an amazing record, I think J.Lo could have another hit on her hands again, but her days being a big album seller are well and truly over. She's not the best singer in the world and she's one of the few that has had to battle with ageism, but she delivers really hot performances and works her ass off. She just needs to banish Pitbull to the depths of hell and stay away from crappy cut 'n' paste producers like DJ Mustard, and the likes.

Leona Lewis performs ‘Thunder’ on ‘Kelly & Michael’...

It's sad that she's so talented yet nobody cares. Following a recent album showcase in the States this week, Leona Lewis performed her new U.S. single 'Thunder' on Kelly & Michael. Vocally, she did an amazing job, and made me like the song a little bit better.

However, this consistent empowerment trip of falling down and picking herself back up again throughout each song is something I can see myself getting tired of very quickly. I can't help but feel that had Calvin Harris gave her 'We Found Love' instead of Rihanna her career would be a very different state right now. Anyway, Leona is currently on a promo trip of the States, and while I'd like her to do well, I think her time there came and went. As for the track's upcoming visuals, she released some behind the scenes footage, which you can check out below.

Ashanti angers fans once again during Australian tour...

Aw, baby! Ashanti isn't getting much luck on the performance front. Perhaps she should just stop performing at public events since it always ends in fans being left sourly disappointed. Australian fans were left fuming when she and Ja Rule hit the stage one hour late, meaning they only ended up doing a 20 minute show.

Allegedly, one fan was so pissed they pelted her with a water bottle as she exited the stage. Though it may not have been entirely her fault. Apparently, promoters booked Ashanti to do two back to back shows on the same day, one after the other. The first show in Sydney went without a hitch, but because she never had much time to get to the second show, they had to cut it short. Bad decisions all around, which resulted in Ja Rule apologising profusedly on Twitter.

Christina Milian hits the stage...

Tina Turn Up celebrated the grand LA opening of her retail shop ‘We Are Pop Culture’ by hitting the stage at her very own block party.

A series of models also joined her on stage to show off the clothes available from Christina’s store. It would be interesting to see what Christina's setlist looked like outside of  'Dip It Low,' but hey, at least she managed to put out three albums in her career, which is more than can be said for some artists.

Ciara's presidential photoshoot for 'Noisey'...

Presidency in the future may not be in the cards for Ciara since it involves making influential decisions. However, she does look pretty chic channeling her inner political for UK's 'Noisey.'

Influential decisions and Ciara in the same sentence? Everyone knows she hasn't made much of those over the last year or two. You know, I'm not just referring to her personal life, though she has done good bagging herself a man like Russell Wilson. This is who she should have put herself with from the very beginning. All photos were lensed by Louie Banks and you can read the entire interview here. Check out more photos inside. Enjoy!

Mariah Carey channels Marie Antoinette for Harper’s Bazaar Icons issue...

This is probably the most clothes you will ever see on Mariah Carey. She's all smiles, but you just know she must have felt stifled.

Cute. At least more clothes meant the airbrushing department didn't have to worry about putting her on that dramatic crack diet again.

Rita Ora strikes a pose for new single 'Body On Me'...

Rita Ora's music may be basic as fuck, but no one can deny this bitch is beautiful. Can you imagine the damage she'd cause if she returned to her natural brunette? I'm so over this Gwen Stefani carnated imagery. It's time to switch things up!

I know she gets a lot of flack for allegedly sleeping around to further her career but too much men have publicly lashed out at her. Methinks not a coincidence. Something in the milk just aint clean. Her soured relationships with men get more press than her actual music so I'm really hoping her new single 'Body On Me' (featuring Chris Brown) does something in the States this time round.

Janet Jackson to headline iHeartRadio Music Festival...

Janet Jackson has been announced as a headlining performer at the iHeartRadio Festival on September 19th. Great news, great promo!

And contrary to reports, her 'Unbreakable' tour has not been put on hold following her father's recent hospitalization. The tour will continue to kick off on August 31st. As for her promo roll-out, I just hope she keeps it up and books herself a slot at the upcoming VMAs. A tour and some radio play is simply not enough these days, even when you're Janet Jackson.

Snapshot: Christina Aguilera performs live at 'Cisco Rocks'...

San Francisco should consider themselves lucky. If ever Christina Aguilera announces a full blown tour, grab the opportunity with both hands. Over the years Aggy has made her millions performing for billionaires and private functions like these.

Just as well really. Her last few albums have struggled commercially, and it seems she's in no rush to put out another despite being in the studio recently. Sadly, announcing a tour to support her albums has as much likelihood as Beyoncé and Keri Hilson doing a duet together. Watch some video footage here.

Congrats, Mariah!

Why has it taken so long for Mariah Carey to be honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? I recall her being selected in 2007, but she should have had one so much sooner than that. It seems like quite the injustice since she is 25 years into her career and sold over 200 million records.

Better late then never, I suppose. Mimi will be the recipient of the 2,556th star at a ceremony on August 5th. LA Reid, alongside directors Lee Daniels and Brett Ratner are expected to make guest speeches on the big day. Congrats!

Jennifer Lopez puts on her B'Day Freekum dress...

No matter how much older she gets, Jennifer Lopez is going to be Jennifer Lopez and flaunt her body regardless. Jen celebrated her 46th birthday in this revealing black dress at 1Oak Southampton over the weekend. No one can deny her body is pure slayage, but it seems like she might be going through a mid life crisis.

Something about her make-up is off. I think it's the lip liner, though I do love the shorter hair. She is now officially closer to 50 than she is to 40, and she's dressing like this, to not being able to let go of her toyboy Casper Smart and releasing songs like 'Booty.' I think the dress would look tacky on anyone even if it was worn by someone 25 years younger.

Rita Ora & Chris Brown on ‘Body On Me’ video set...

Rita Ora has always been looked at as the poor man's Rihanna, so it was only a matter of time before she hooked up with Rihanna's ex. Yes, it's not farfetched to assume those two may have smashed beyond their musical chemistry. Rita has quite the reputation these days. Anyway, she posted this photo of herself and Chris Brown on the video set of her new Stateside single, 'Body On Me.'

For once, she may have a hit over there. As I say, having Breezy on her song was a good move. The video is directed by Colin Tilley and the song is produced by The Monsters and the Strangerz. The cut is scheduled to premiere in the next couple of weeks.

Video premiere: Natalie La Rose feat. Fetty Wap – ‘Around The World’...

This girl is insanely beautiful. I can't gel with her music at all, but no one can deny this video was visually stunning. In the Hannah Lux Davis-directed clip, Natalie La Rose plays a waitress and dreams of adventurous globe trotting.

It scares me how much Natalie resembles Aaliyah in this video. Her dancing is so on point, and Casper Smart did well with the choreo. She absolutely killed it! With 'Somebody' being a massive hit, her video budget clearly recieved a raise. I don't care for the song that much, as it's generic as hell but still catchy. I need to see her performing on all the big award shows. She could be the new era Britney if she plays her cards right!

New Music: Jordin Sparks - '100 Years'...

Is one hundred years enough time to love someone? Jordin Sparks doesn't seem to think so on the seductively sultry '100 Years.' Over minimalist production, Jordin is giving straight Aaliyah teas and I absolutely live for it!

'100 Years' is a nice album track, and I think all the R&B heads would appreciate it. At least as opposed to general listeners who would find it a bit on the boring side, but as I say, hardcore R&B fans would embrace it. However, it sounds quite interlude-ish or would be better served as such as far as I'm concerned. Courtesy of Billboard, Jordin is releasing one new song every Friday until the release of her brand new album 'Right Here, Right Now,' due August 21st.

Video premiere: Janet Jackson feat. J. Cole – ‘No Sleeep’...

I applaud a fully clothed Janet Jackson for putting out a tasteful, age-appropriate visual (Madonna needs to take note on how to comeback gracefully). The video was sublime and classy, but I have to be honest and say I was expecting a little more from it.

I'm not implying a near 50-year-old woman should be twerking around half naked, but a little dance break would have made the simplistic visuals a tad bit more interesting. I find Janet's youth to be very timeless. I mean, she was looking like she stepped right off the set of 'That's The Way Love Goes,' 22 years ago!

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