Beyoncé kicks off ‘Formation’ world tour in Miami

Beyoncé kicked off her 'Formation' world tour in Miami last night. She delivered past hits and cuts off her new album 'Lemonade.'

Despite all the infidelity rumors surrounding the album, she conveniently declared her undying love to husband Jay Z, who also watched from the audience. "I want to dedicate this song ('Halo') to my beautiful husband. I love you so much," she said. And just when she had some of you lot thinking 'Lemonade' was a one hour divorce announcement.

Alicia Keys books major UEFA gig to launch new music

Alicia Keys says, "I'm extremely excited to share my new music at the UEFA Champions League Final" opening ceremony on May 28th.

The Pepsi hosted gig is a big deal, as it will be the first time ever that the UEFA Champions League Final will feature a global live music headline performance as part of the opening ceremony pageantry. Airing in more than 220 countries, the UEFA Champions League Final is the most watched annual sporting event in the world. Wow, Ms Keys certainly isn't playing with these major bookings! New music next week!

Rihanna & Calvin Harris reunite for new single

Rihanna and Calvin Harris are set to premiere their new single 'This Is What You Came For' on Friday, April 29th.

Po Kesha and Zedd couldn't even get their shine! The mystery song comes almost five years since the duo topped the charts with their smash hit, 'We Found Love.' Harris announced the news on his Twitter. Disappointing. Yes, she's clearly going to snatch more Billboard records right from underneath another legend, but 'ANTi' is such a good album. Why revert back into her usual old shtick?  

Ariana Grande brings ‘Dangerous Woman’ to ‘Fallon’

Ariana Grande visited the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon recently, where she performed album title track 'Dangerous Woman.'

Ari's note changes and vocal control showed great technique. Her “Lip Sync Conversation” with the host was hilarious, and she even sat down for an interview. Methinks Ari's ponytail will be around until she's 80. That is, if she has any hair left, and Nanny Grande couldn't hide her forbidden lust for the married host. Look out for Ari's new album 'Dangerous Woman' when it drops May 20th via Republic Records.

Beyoncé 'Lemonade' round-up

As Beyoncé gets ready to kick off her 'Formation' world tour later tonight, here's your latest news round-up!

May as well cram it all in one post since it's all 'Lemonade' related! Beyoncé's new album 'Lemonade' became available for download on iTunes and Amazon this week. Sony sources say they're expecting first day sales of 200k, with the project possibly doing between 500k-600k first week. May 6th is being eyed for the physical release. However, Tidal will have a permanent exclusive on the streaming front.

Rita Ora responds to Beyoncé 'Becky' drama

Oh no! Rita Ora posted an Instagram image of herself in a "Lemonade" bra a few days ago, prompting backlash. 

It has been rumoured for years that Rita was getting jiggy with the Jiggaman himself, and now Beyhive have reacted by swamping her page.  She is facing accusations of being “Becky” on Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' track, ‘Sorry’ (despite Rachel Roy being roasted for the same accusation) days ago. Rita took to Twitter yesterday to set the record straight and has now denied those pesky rumours.

Beyoncé set to release ‘Lemonade’ on iTunes at midnight

According to HDD and the New York Times, Beyoncé's Tidal exclusivity of new album 'Lemonade' will be very short-lived.

The set will be released to iTunes and Amazon tonight, and was just made available to purchase on Tidal. Smart move! Bey must have witnessed the messy farce that went on surrounding the Tidal releases of Rihanna and Kanye West and decided to react much quicker. Jay Z should still be thankful. After all, Bey's new album has already made Tidal one of the top apps in the App Store!

Rachel Roy accuses Beyoncé's Beyhive of "bullying"

Rachel Roy is really feeling the roasting Beyhive have bestowed upon her.  Roy issued a  statement to Twitter after privatizing her Instagram.

It was all fun and games when Jay Z's alleged mistress appeared to be referencing Beyoncé's 'Sorry' lyric in a brag like, mocking way. If it was attention she was after, she sure got it. What she wasn't expecting was the vicious backlash which resulted in endless attacks and her Wiki page being vandalized. Hmmm... Seems like Jay Z is getting off lightly despite being the one to say his vows.

Beyoncé's 'Becky' supposedly outs herself (Jay Z's alleged side chick)

Ashes to ashes and dust to side chicks. This morning, Rachel Roy posted to Instagram a very telling caption. Beyhive have been calling her a whore since.

"Good hair don't care," says Roy. Meanwhile, Beyoncé's new song 'Sorry' features the lyric, He only want me when I’m not there. He better call Becky with the good hair.” It has long been rumored Roy is the reason Solange beat up Jay Z at the MET Gala in 2014. Why do people think it's Roy though? Isn't 'Becky' slang for white chick? My guess would have been Rita Ora (hint).

Beyoncé releases new album 'Lemonade' (full album credits & lyrics)

Beyoncé exclusively dropped her sixth studio album ‘Lemonade’ to Tidal last night, right after the album's one hour HBO special.

The 12-song visual album has dark concepts and is based on every woman’s journey of self knowledge and healing. Did Bey really shade the sh*t out of Jay Z on most of it though? He probably cheated on her ass for real. Tidal will reportedly have a short streaming exclusive of 48 hours. A physical release has yet to be confirmed. What are your favourite songs on 'Lemonade'? Peep the full song credits below!

Pics of the day: Mariah Carey's wardrobe malfunction

Thursday spottings: Mariah Carey suffers a wardrobe malfunction during a post-gig party in Paris last night. Roc & Roe, come get yo mama!

Christina Aguilera paid tribute to her daughter Summer Rain with her large hoop earrings as she attended The Voice Karaoke for Charity event in Hollywood. Cute. Style icon Jennifer Lopez looked elegantly classy as she headed to a Q&A for her NBC cop drama 'Shades Of Blue' in Los Angeles on Thursday. The hit show was picked up for a second season.

New Music: Fantasia – ‘So Blue’

Fantasia unwraps the official cover art for new album 'The Definition Of' and from the project, releases a brand new track titled, 'So Blue.'

The track is about a failed relationship and realising that revenge isn't always the answer. Sounds like she's talking from experience, and we know life hasn't been kind to her on that front (suicide attempt etc). The island twang in her voice breezes over the summery tune, which contains violins and a midtempo instrumental. 'The Definition Of' is set for a June 10th release.

Pics of the day: Solange, Mariah Carey + Samantha Mumba

Wednesday spottings: Solange was looking very pregnant during the Reed x Kohl’s collection launch dinner at Kohl’s PR Showroom.

Not to mention she has a certain glow to her. In any case, watch this space. Samantha Mumba also rocked up at the Norma Jean Gala in Los Angeles. Talk about a blast from the past. Can't say I'm feeling this look much, but her body looks great. Mariah Carey was seen leaving the Plaza Hotel in Paris. She keeps shrinking and looks absolutely fab. Keep going girl! Check out her tribute to Prince here.

Tidbits: Beyoncé, Rihanna, Alicia Keys & more

HBO is letting everyone watch Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' premiere for free this weekend. Great promo tool for album sales.

Lily Allen tried to come for Rita Ora as she paid tribute to the late, great Prince. Hollywood actor Will Smith said he just spoke to Prince last night. Wow. Rihanna’s latest album 'ANTi' could return to the top spot on next week's Billboard 200. Alicia Keys will perform her brand new single at the BET Awards on June 26th (we'll hear it waaay before then).

Ciara performs biggest hits at We day in Seattle

Ciara took to the stage to perform some of her biggest hits for WE day in Seattle on Wednesday (April 20th).

You know, the usual songs like 'Goodies', '1,2 Step,' and 'Lose Control,' as well as 'Jackie' track 'Give Me Love.' WE day is a celebration of youth making a difference in their local and global communities. Enjoy this performance while we wait for Ciara to drop the biggest masterpiece of her career.

Breaking: Prince dies aged 57

Today, the world lost a musical legend. Superstar Prince was found dead at his home this morning in Chanhassen, Minneapolis.

On Friday (April 15th), his private jet was forced to make an emergency landing in Illinois, so that he could be taken to hospital. He was suffering from flu symptoms. The next day, Prince made his final public appearance at a dance party in Minnesota where he told fans, "Wait a few days before you waste any prayers." Damn. The Grimm Reaper is not playing in 2016. R.I.P. purple one.

Video Premiere: Little Mix ft. Sean Paul – ‘Hair’

During a sleepover, the negligee-clad foursome dance around and eat pizza, as they shake off a sour break up. Such a fun video!

"He was just a dick," but Little Mix aren't sweating it. Dancehall king Sean Paul not only features on the newly revamped song, but makes an appearance in the sexy visuals for 'Hair.' The girls, who are currently in the middle of their 'Get Weird' tour, shot the Vevo-released video inside a luxury mansion with Director X. The track itself is lifted off their latest third studio album 'Get Weird,' out now.

Video Premiere: Rihanna – ‘Needed Me’

Gangster gun-toting Rih comes out full force in the video for 'Needed Me,' which sees her walking through a strip club and murdering a man in cold blood.

The very NSFW visual is a combo of various concepts used in previous vids. You see 'Bitch Better Have My Money,' 'Pour It Up,' and 'Man Down.' You've probably seen Rih's nipples more than you've seen your own. On set pics looked good, but unfortunately, the final product left a lot to be desired. She still looked gawjus though. The DJ Mustard-produced cut is lifted off her latest album 'ANTi,' out now.

Bruno Mars hits the studio with Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott shared pics of her studio session with Bruno Mars. "It’s so inspiring to vibe with people who can create real music and have a creative mind!" she writes.

Bruno also played some of his new music to Missy, which she was excited about. Mars hasn't released anything since 2014’s feature on Mark Ronson’s smash 'Uptown Funk.' His dad recently admitted his son was planning to drop his new record in March, but the Super Bowl got in the way. He says they are now eyeing September or October for next year’s Grammy eligibility. Are you here for their collab?

Rihanna "upset" over Tidal ruining her album rollout

Rihanna's former publicist claims Rihanna is "upset" with Jay Z's Tidal streaming service following lukewarm album sales and unforgivable mishandling (1,2,3,4,5).

Record producer Jonathon Hay says: "For Jay Z to make his artists do this is so bad because this is affecting their legacy. It’s really crazy and I know for a fact Rihanna is upset about the Tidal thing and you can see it when you go to her Twitter. ‘ANTi’s rollout was sloppy, the rollout was bad, to go on Tidal exclusively and eliminate Spotify and Apple is absolutely mad." He's absolutely right!

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