Justin Bieber's dad salivates over his peen pics...

So by now, you've probably already seen the nude pics of Justin Bieber that did the online rounds this week. Great promo for his upcoming new album ironically titled, 'Purpose.' Not that I'm implying anything. 

Anyway, his package seems to have attracted a lot of positive reviews, and all of a sudden people are cutting Selena Gomez some slack for constantly going back and allowing him to use her as his doormat. Over some peen pics. 

But the one thing no one saw coming was JB's daddy positively commenting on his son's peen as if he was a female admirer. It's so creepy and just not normal for a father to publicly praise his son's peen. Can you imagine the disgust and outrage had it been a daughter who encountered a nude leak and her father went on Twitter and directly said to her, "Hey girl, your tits look amazing. What ya feed them with?" Some people have no boundaries when it comes to their kids whatsoever.

Again?!?! Rita Ora pushes back new album to next year...

Pst! Rita Ora's long-awaited new album has been delayed by her X Factor commitments, and won't be out until next year. 

Speaking to The Standard, she reveals: “I was wishing it would come out this year, but realistically it’s not. Physically I wouldn’t be able to achieve the success I want with the X Factor and the album, so I’m going to do it one at a time." Um, R.I.P.

Is this chick truly invested in her music career any more? I don't think she is to be honest. This album was meant to drop a year and a half ago. This is the third push back and I'm sure there will be many more to come. The previous delay was understandable because of the Calvin Harris drama, but she never had to do X Factor. I suspect the money was just too good to walk away from, as simply put, Rita's music career isn't generating that kind of income.

Mariah Carey announces second batch of annual Christmas concerts + directs Xmas movie...

I've never walked through a shopping mall during the festive period without ever hearing Mariah Carey's ‘All I Want For Christmas.’ 

This woman literally owns Christmas. She's the official Christmas Queen. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that she announces a second annual Christmas concert series titled ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You.’ She will perform five shows at New York’s Beacon Theater, and tickets are available on her official site from October 17th. 

This announcement follows news that she is currently directing a new Holiday movie for the Hallmark channel called A Christmas Melody.’ Fans can expect to tune into the premiere on December 19th. Mariah was spotted on set directing it yesterday looking cute and casual. If only she knew how to embrace some damn flats.

Album sales: Janet Jackson thrives & Tamar Braxton flops...

According to Hits Daily Double, Janet Jackson has topped the Billboard 200 with new album 'Unbreakable.' The project sold 106,000 copies (without streaming) and 112,000 copies (with streaming). 

Tamar Braxton's ‘Calling All Lovers’ nabbed second place selling just 37,000 copies. Tamar should have sold a lot more than that. I am shocked she sold so low, which is a shame because her record was really solid. 

She had all the exposure and promo at her beck and call and couldn't even hit 50K. I am so happy for Janet though. It was a really good album and it's really unfortunate that she missed the Grammy deadline. The album would be eligible in February, so let's hope she continues to release videos and singles to keep the momentum going. 'Unbreakable' has been getting really great reviews and went up one notch to 77 on Metacritic this week.

SWV unveil 'Still' album cover...

SWV's new album 'Still' drops on November 13th, and here is the official artwork.

I don't think that lipstick colour suits Coko very well, but Taj is owning both of them in this pic. 

They all have sheepish facial expressions, like they had a long hard day at work and just wanted to go home to enjoy some hardcore back scratching sex with their husbands. It's still a cute cover although I'm getting 'Destiny Fulfilled' teas from it. What do you think?

Tamar Braxton dances to new single King' on 'Dancing With The Stars'...

A lot of pop and R&B singers have done 'Dancing With The Stars.' Everyone from Mya, Brandy and Christina Milian to Nicole Scherzinger and Toni Braxton. 

But none have ever used it to promote their new music on the show. Tamar Braxton did however. Although she didn't actually sing new single 'King,' she and her show partner Val danced the Rumba to it, and it was quite sublime.

Perhaps she saw her poor first week sales projections for ‘Calling All Lovers’ and decided to fit in some last minute promo for the album. 

Video Premiere: Melanie Fiona – ‘I Tried’...

Don't sleep on Melanie Fiona's new video 'I Tried.' Her message will really "awaken" you as it is both powerful and emotional. 

Melanie tackles everything from abuse, domestic violence, rape and racism, to mass shootings, police brutality, racial inequality and human trafficking. 

The controversial deaths of African Americans Eric Garner, Mike Brown and Sandra Bland are highlighted, while a bruised and battered Melanie is locked inside a glass box crying. This is admirable of Melanie. She comes across as a true realist who is not afraid to sing about what she feels.  I notice a lot of black artists refrain from addressing these issues. They fear it will mess with their coin because it isn't blacks holding the strongest statistic for buying music.

Janet Jackson nominated for 2016 Rock Hall of Fame...

Janet Jackson is among the finalists for the 2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, scoring her very first nomination. Vote, vote, vote!

I feel Janet has been deserving of this honour for such a long time now. She has influenced generations of artists and really changed the music game. You see a lot of her impact reflected in the performances and music videos of some of today's biggest female artists. 

No one can look at Britney Spears in her prime, Ciara or even Beyoncé, and say they don't see her influence in any of those performers. According to Billboard, acts are eligible for the Rock Hall 25 years after the release of their first recording, album, or single. The top vote-getters will be announced in December and inducted in April at a ceremony in New York, which will be broadcast on HBO later in the year. I hope Janet gets in this time, as it's taken long enough, but it should be noted that Chaka Khan is also just as worthy.

New Music: Ciara – ‘Paint It, Black’...

Very rarely does Ciara ever come out of her comfort zone, but for this she sure did! Ciara delivered her own haunting rendition on the Rolling Stones classic 'Paint It, Black.' 

The cut was recorded for the upcoming action film 'The Last Witch Hunter' starring Vin Diesel. Evidently, Ciara is really pulling off this darker, more dramatic direction, which fits perfectly for a movie about witchcraft.  

Her vocals sound exquisite over psychedelic-rock production, which actually baffles me, because a soundtrack single received better creative direction than her own album 'Jackie.' This song is something completely different from anything she's ever done in her career, and it's great that she's experimenting. This is crazy, crazy good. Check it out!

Rihanna announces new album title & unveils official abum cover...

'ANTI' is the official title of Rihanna’s upcoming, 8th studio album. Rihanna unveiled the artwork and title during her album artwork launch at the MAMA Gallery in Los Angeles last night. 

The album cover was painted by contemporary artist Roy Nachum. It shows a young Rihanna in her childhood with a gold crown covering her eyes, and a black balloon strung tightly to her wrist. 

The front and the back cover of the album is creatively inscribed with sculpted Braille poetry by Chloe Mitchel. This is the first time an album has ever incorporated physical Braille for blind people to experience by touch. Look at that. This gal really is giving us something to RIHmember! The album cover is so dope. It's very artistic and abstract. Not only that, it's different to anything she's ever done before, which is what many established artists should be striving for!

Ciara for Italian Vanity Fair...

Ciara is featured in the October 14th issue of Italian Vanity Fair. It's so easy to look at these pics and completely forget that Ciara is a singer.

Ci's body and face is just so perfect for couture, and she could be a real model. This chick is serving pure face all the way.

I know she's an artist first before anything else but her albums don't sell and people just aren't checking for her anymore. Honestly, no one would blame her if she dropped music completely to become a full time model.  She looks amazing, and a change of direction could really be good for her career. Just go away for a few years, do some modelling, design a line for a top brand and just make some strives in the fashion world. It could really work for her.  

Ciara silently announces second leg of 'Jackie' tour...

Starting from November 27th, Ciara will resume the second leg of her North American 'Jackie' tour in support of her album 'Jackie'. This part of the tour will be sponsored by Topshop, and tour tickets will go on sale October 9th at 10:00 am EDT.

Tickets can be purchased over on Live Nation or AXS.com, but they're holding presales today on October 7th. ETA: Tickets are now available via the singer’s official website

Sponsorships come with a deal to benefit themselves also, and *rumour* has it, Ciara will be doing meet and greets in local Topshops on each stop of her 'Jackie' tour. One of the employees at Topshop supposedly let the cat out the bag and said this was actually going down. It's also good that her album 'Jackie' is still getting promoted nationally, but she waited far too long to announce a second leg.

Rihanna invites media to preview album artwork #R8...

Journalist Gerrick Kennedy, who writes for the very reliable LA Times, is serving more than biscuit crumbs when dishing on Rihanna's hotly anticipated eighth studio album. 

She has invited several media outlets to preview the album artwork in LA. Kennedy often gets invited to music events, which recently included her 'Bitch Better Have My Money' premiere showcase. It was evident that something was brewing the moment her major Vanity Fair cover spread was revealed and she started talking about Chris Brown again. 

She must have a release date set in motion. It doesn't make much sense to invite media round for an album viewing if she has no idea of when the project is coming out. Hopefully, she doesn't end up clashing with Adele if she's planning to release in November which is usually when she drops her albums. Navy, keep those fingers crossed!

Album Review: Janet Jackson - 'Unbreakable'...

After a seven year wait, I thoroughly enjoyed Janet Jackson's new album 'Unbreakable.' The R&B influences are there but the album itself is very pop-oriented. 

As a result, if you were expecting something a little more soulful like the lead single, then perhaps this project really isn't for you.  'Unbreakable' is her first album in 29 years (since 'Control') to not have any interludes. 

I guess this is why the album felt a little short. However, this is her strongest body of work in a long time and although it may be lacking in obvious hits, the project is very consistent. At this point, I don't think Janet cares about the charts. Not anymore. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis made social awareness issues a big thing on JJ's earlier works so I'm happy they brought it back on this album. Gone is highly sexed Janet and she's touching on a variety of themes and issues. Everything from romance, domestic abuse, social problems (war, poverty and more), the loss of her brother Michael, and the onslaught of media scrutiny her latest marriage has encountered. I am so glad she reunited with the two people that were pivotal in her career for the past 30+ years. Janet didn't follow trends and I'm so glad she didn't.

Khia: "Janet Jackson's new album put me to sleep"...

During a recent vlog live chat from what appears to be her kitchen, a salty Khia went on record to say Janet Jackson's new album 'Unbreakable' is a real snoozefest. 

Some people may share her sentiments (I'm not one of them), but can anyone take her comments seriously? For many years now, Khia has been fuming over 'So Excited,' a cut off Janet’s '20 Y.O.' album. 

Apparently Khia got cut out of the music video because Janet was supposedly jealous of her. *snicker* “That hoe hated me cause she thought I was fucking Jermaine [Dupri],” she says. “That hoe cut me outta all the scenes." Khia then pulls out a cellphone to show a BET email requesting song clearance for an upcoming Jackson special. Khia is listed as a writer on the song and claims she’s still collecting publishing checks for 'So Excited.'  See what happens when your career fades to oblivion?

Janet Jackson announces ‘Unbreakable’ European tour (dates)...

Live Nation have just announced Janet Jackson's 'Unbreakable' tour for Europe next spring. The 9-date trek kicks off next March in the UK. Tickets go on sale this Friday (October 9th.)

Can we get an amen? It has been four years since Janet last performed in the UK. I think UK fans are just relieved that Janet is coming here in five months time and didn't announce a fourth leg for her blockbuster Stateside tour. And if the demand is high, it is highly likely more dates will be announced later on down the line.

Check out the venues inside. Will you be there?

Rihanna covers Vanity Fair...

Later this week, Rihanna's November issue of Vanity Fair will hit newsstands.

In the very candid interview, she speaks on her sex life, dating, getting back briefly with Chris Brown, her respect for Eminem, and having Jay Z as a mentor. Click here to read the entire cover story.

Vanity Fair really tried it with that bait they call a headline. It just makes readers want to dive in. The interview didn't disappoint. Well, okay, parts of it did. My girl about to catch some serious heat for hailing Rachel Dolezal a "hero." At the end of the day, there really isn't anything heroic about fabricating your racial identity for your own political agendas. I hope she gets an easier drag than Keri Hilson though. Be easy on her ya'll. Be easy. That aside, red hair is Rihanna's calling. This is such a stunning cover, and the accompanying photoshoot, lensed by Annie Leibovitz in Cuba, is just as fab. 

Rita Ora performs ‘Body on Me’ on ‘Ellen’...

Rita Ora visits The Ellen DeGeneres Show to perform latest single 'Body on Me,' sans Chris Brown.

Rita Ora's management is so bomb getting her booked for all these gigs. She clearly wants to make an impact over in the States. No matter how much she struggles it looks like she fully intends to see it through.

The performance was solid too. She sounds great and the staging was nice. Chris wasn't there to flirt with her outrageously so she just stood there and did a whole lot of weave whipping.

JoJo announces North American tour (dates)...

JoJo's 'I Am JoJo' tour will be a 23-date trek of North America commencing early November. Tickets go on sale this Friday (October 9th) at AXS.com

The 24-year-old is expected to perform new material on tour including latest singles 'When Love Hurts,' 'Say Love' and 'Save My Soul.' It's been forever since fans saw her on tour and that was when she toured with Joe Jonas and Jay Sean back in the day. 

This tour would be great promo for her upcoming album, and despite playing small venues, it has me wondering whether JoJo actually has the fanbase to pull off a tour on her own. Of course hardcore fans will be there for the nostalgia but would it really be enough to pull in a broader audience? I don't think her new material is strong enough (if at all) and her mixtapes/EPs didn't exactly create much noise. This is her first official tour with Atlantic Records, so small venues would be the sensible route to go. 

Tamar Braxton's album sales predictions...

Tamar Braxton's new album ‘Calling All Lovers’ is projected to sell 35-40K (without streaming), and 39-44K (with streaming).

In comparison to what she sold with 'Love & War,' these are dismal numbers for Tamar. I thought her sales would be neck in neck with Janet's like what happened when she was up against Ariana Grande.

Promo wise, Tamar had a larger advantage having done several TV performances, getting involved with 'Dancing with the Stars' and being a co-host on The Real. The poor performance of Tamar's album can be attributed to none of the singles standing out or being worthy enough to be released as singles. You meaning to tell me her husband Vince couldn't pay his client Lady Gaga to do a Twitter plug like what he most likely did the last time? I'm sure it would have done some wonders.  

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