Sunday, 12 October 2014

It's time for Mariah Carey to start dressing her size and age...

No 44-year-old mother of two should be flaunting their knickers on stage.

Mariah Carey is waaay too old for this THOT-like behaviour. These latest new pics from the Asian leg of her 'Elusive Chanteuse Show' highlights the fact that perhaps she's not taking her divorce so gracefully. Outfits like these should not be worn. She needs to start dressing her age and body size.

Competing with the younger crowd is a lost cause now. Your clothes are too tight, too short and not classy. I suppose we should just be grateful that she IS wearing underwear after all. Nick Cannon is acting like a real douche right now and people were on her side. Then pics like these show up and the little dignity she had left goes flying out of the window!