Monday, 26 August 2013

Justin Timberlake slays VMAs & reunites with N-Sync...

There are six words to say about Justin Timberlake's VMAs performance last night. He slayed the muthafuggin house dooooown!  

The whole of Barclays was jamming out, including Rihanna who had a sour face on her all night! JT's flawless 15-minute set consisted of a medley of ALL his greatest hits, before the anticipated moment arrived when he reunited with his former bandmates N-Sync! JT was then presented with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award by Jimmy Fallon, who crowned him "president of pop."  

Personally speaking I don't think JT was deserving of the award (he himself said this too) because I can't name any video of his that can be considered iconic. His most memorable video was probably 'Cry Me A River' because of the Britney situation but other than that, I can't recall any. I'm kind of mad that he Beyoncé'd his band Superbowl Sunday style. I mean, even Taylor Swift got MORE camera time during that performance. Overall, he danced his ass off, smashed his set and showed us just why he's better than *quiet voice* Robin Thicke.