Mariah Carey on doing a Verzuz battle with Beyoncé: ❝I’d be disrespecting myself.❞

Mariah Carey is rejecting questions about 
a potential Verzuz battle with Beyoncé.
When pressed about doing a Verzuz battle with Queen B, a coy Mariah replied, ❝I'd be disrespecting myself and I'm not going to do that, because it's Christmas time.❞ 

Did she indirectly say she couldn't compete with Beyoncé? Or is it that deep down she knows she CAN not only compete with Beyoncé but obliterate her in a battle? She probably didn't want to come across as cocky because she respects Beyoncé too much, so she decided to be humble about the situation. ❝I love Beyoncé and I admire her so much as a performer for what she's done for the world and everything else,❞ she said.

A live-shy Beyoncé would NEVER do a battle. NEVER NEVER NEVER. Therefore, Alicia Keys will be waiting forever.  


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Anonymous said...

To be honest, eventhough Mariah has ALL the #1s in the world, that doesn't mean SHIT in a Verzuz! With all her #1 hits, I know for FACT that Mariah DON'T WANT IT with Beyoncè or Mary J. Blige!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Mariah but I'm just saying, she doesn't want THE SMOKE with Beyoncè in a LIVE ARENA ATMOSPHERE & she doesn't want NO SMOKE with Mary J Blige in a straight R&B VERZUZ in NEW YORK CITY!


Nathaniel said...

It’s the comments above which make me want verzuz to go back to its original format when it was just record for record it’s lost the heart of what it was. Record for record Mariah wins no question.

nil said...

Beyonce and Mariah are in such different lanes, that a verzus would just be stupid. The only person mariah could ever do a verzus with would be Whitney. They should just stop asking and mentioning her . Beyonce could also not possibly be put in a verzus with anyone else. If Aaliyah would be alive they could definately be in a verzus together because I still feel that would she still be alive she would be as big or maybe even bigger than Bey because she was on her way to become a SUPERSTAR

Anonymous said...

mariah has a way much better catalogue

Jrocka said...

Mariah catalogue is way bigger with lots more hits plus she came from a different era! Mariah knows hit vs hit she has it in the bag. Lol but she knows as a performer Bey would destroy her on a stage and she acknowledges it 😂😂😂 I love Mariah

Scoopz said...

Beyonce would smoke Mariah in the verzuz due to the live element, but Mariahs music overall is so much better and thats coming from a BIG Beyonce fan.

Anonymous said...


Here ya'll go with the "If Aaliyah was alive" bullshit.

1. Ya'll waited for her to die to support The Red Album, because DC's Survivor album was outselling it & The Red Album fell out of the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 after 2 weeks, only to go #1 AFTER HER DEATH!

2. Aaliyah's movie career was becoming BIGGER THAN HER MUSIC! So miss me with that shit!

Remmi said...

I thought it was an odd response, but what I took from it is that are believes she's above the whole Versuz platform.

Toya said...

The hype for it has died down for sure. It lost momentum when the big sponsors stepped in and they turned it into a high budget production experience. People enjoyed it more when the artists sat at home, played their hits and narrated stories behind the songs. It made Verzuz more authentic and real. Let's not forget Verzuz was originally made because we were all in lockdown due to the pandemic and now they have hundreds of people in a room together not wearing masks and the artists shouting into a mic at close proximity.

Remmi said...

And throwing bottles and punches at one another lol.

I prefer the platform as it is - it's nice to see artists (like SWV and XSCAPE) dancing side by side to each other's hits. I never watched it when they were at home,as it looked low budget and there were lots of technical issues.

Toya said...

The technical issues sucked but this was the way the platform became popular. Anyway I'm over it just as much as Mariah.

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