Rihanna & Teyana Taylor: Nastiest Twitter beef EVER!

It all started with an Instagram video. 

Rihanna posted a video of her male hairstylist performing a parody of Teyana Taylor singing Anita Baker's 'Caught Up In The Rapture', while rocking a curly wig, snapback, and sneakers. A fuming Teyana told Rihanna "don’t play with me" before encountering a barrage of abuse from Rihanna's Navy. 

Then Rihanna responded, telling Teyana she refuses to help her career with a mention, unless she was paid first. Ri's BFF Melissa Forde also chimed in with some defensive tweets before Rihanna proclaimed to hate "broke bitches". Her Twitter heading was updated to show Teyana's "poor" networth of $500,000 and comparing it with her own - $90,000,000. This resulted in Teyana taking aim at Rihanna's past domestic abuse.

Teyana then changed her Twitter heading with a pic of herself and a battered faced Rihanna in a boxing match. A tonne of angry tweets continued, before both singers deleted their tweets. It's not the first time Rihanna has Insta-spoofed and Twitter feuded with a female singer she considers a 'lessor'. 

Back in March, she uploaded a pic on Instagram which saw herself and Forde laughing at Ciara performing her single 'Body Party' in a bathroom. After that, their feud spilled over to Twitter. And that was following their Twitter brawl two years ago where Ri told Ciara "good luck with booking that stage". 

But back to this Teyana feud... if you’re going to come for anyone, don’t use their domestic violence experience as an insult. That's disgusting. I know she was mad hurt, but still. As for Rihanna, $500,000 is considered a fortune to many. In fact, a large proportion of her fans don't even have that, so she unwittingly shaded her own supporters. Neither of them made themselves look good last night. Check out both videos and the full Twitter exchange below.