Cheryl hit with ❝grooming❞ allegations following Phillip Schofield drama...

Cheryl Tweedy has been trending across social media for reasons she would rather not. 

A few weeks ago, former ITV presenter Phillip Schofield was sacked from his job at 'This Morning' for lying about an ‘affair’ with a young man he met as a school boy. Some people roasted him, while others came to his defence resulting in people asking why Cheryl Tweedy didn't get the same treatment. She met former One Direction singer Liam Payne at 14 while she was 24. And not only did she go on to date him, they had a baby together. So people are drawing parallels and asking what's the difference? I'm not Cheryl's biggest fan, but there are differences. Cheryl didn’t mentor Liam whatsoever. Simon Cowell did that. She also didn’t build a close relationship with Liam whilst he was still a kid. 

Denying grooming allegations was completely expected of Schofield, but saying Liam was groomed is quite a stretch. After two failed marriages with age-appropriate men, I think Cheryl just got desperate. She was pushing mid 30s, hadn't frozen her eggs and wanted a baby so badly.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, they also didn’t get together until 11 years after they met when he was 23.