Miss Dynamix: Being pregnant & doing X Factor just won't work...

Pregnant X Factor UK finalist SeSe Foster says that mentor Gary Barlow has been 'so supportive' since she announced her pregnancy (five months gone).

Of course. Not only is this his last year judging on X Factor, he knows deep down the band won't last with a pregnant chick.

It was irresponsible getting pregnant while trying to launch a career at the back of X Factor. Bosses will want to cover themselves.

Unfortunately, Miss Dynamix are screwed either way.

It's bad enough they didn't give a great performance earlier tonight. They could very well find themselves in trouble tomorrow. If they do get through, the pregnant one will be restricted from doing energetic routines and the other girls will have to work around that. Then as the show draws to an end, she will be nearing her birth date and won't be able to do the X Factor tour.

Would you love to see SeSe perform on the show while she's 8/9 months pregnant? Weigh in...