Britney Spears covers ‘Vegas Player’ magazine...

Gracing the cover of this month’s 'Vegas Player' magazine is Britney Spears! In the interview, she breaks down the differences of touring and staying put in Vegas, keeping in shape and the glare of being in the spotlight. Photography was done by Randee St. Nicholas, who did her 'Femme Fatale' album shoot.
Britney says in the interview that she loves to dance and perform, but for the past five-six years, she's been dancing like a stiff, lifeless robot in need of a good battery recharge. She also says she's been "challenging herself with the choreography" but she's been singing that same tune for years and no big improvement. 

The photos were nice sans the fact that her thighs were photoshopped a bit too much. It's like an extension of her 'Work Bitch' cover but better. I think they were taken at around the same time of these promos. The interview was cute but I just got this 'so over it' feeling from her. Like after this two-year residency she would be ready to give up fame and maybe have another baby. Can't say anyone would blame her. She seems to have been over it a long time ago. Prior to her song 'Perfume' flopping, and 'Work Bitch' not setting the chart alight either, we can still expect her 'Britney Jean' album to drop on December 3rd.

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