Mr Malteser head looks to have dropped TLC from Epic Records...

Don't anger the boss's ex-wife and baby mama or you will very well find yourself out on your ear. Following their feud with Pebbles, girl group TLC looks to have been dropped from Epic, courtesy of a menstruating LA Reid. It has come to light that the group’s name has been removed from Epic’s roster, and the label’s logo no longer exists on TLC’s own website.
Pebbles has been baying for blood ever since the record ratings 'CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story' premiered on VH1 last month. Pebbles hated the way her character was portrayed in the film and felt she was being slandered. So angry she was, she even threatened legal action.

In July, TLC signed a new deal with Epic which saw the distribution of their greatest hits compilation, '20', and new single, 'Meant To Be'.

They previously announced that their new studio album would be guided by Reid and would drop next year.

Ugh. Fat chance of that happening now. But dropping them from the label was a petty ass move on Reid's behalf. If they felt they were poorly mismanaged/represented or ripped off by shitty contracts, they were within their rights to tell their story how they saw fit.