Britney Spears inspired by Beyoncé...

Some of Beyoncé's peers would be too proud to admit inspiration or they're probably seething that they didn't come up with what she just pulled off. Although Britney's album was biggest flop of the year, she is still grounded enough to express admiration. Backstage at her Vegas kickoff, Britney tells USA TODAY that she "looks up to Beyoncé" and that "what she did with her (surprise release) album was genius, really brilliant". But what about HER album?

Apparently, lack of promo for 'Britney Jean' is down to being at this point in her career where she has nothing else to prove. Or so she says. Putting out the worst album of your career and gaining your worse sales ever, does not bode well for your legacy. But if you're not willing to promote your (shit) music, just stop making music completely. It really is that simple.