Thursday, 13 February 2014

Rihanna's cover shoot for US Vogue (March 2014)...

Here's Rihanna's new cover for the March 2014 issue of US Vogue. A poor quality scan has been making its rounds but I wanted to wait for the high quality. And here it is, alongside the entire cover shoot which was lensed by David Sims. This is Rihanna's THIRD Stateside Vogue cover and her seventh one overall (correct me if I'm wrong. I'm just going on memory).

She looks good with minimal make-up but I don't like her facial expression. It looks rather forced. The cover is nice (yet simple) all the same, just not as striking as her first two covers. I've posted the entire spread inside.

 photo tumblr_n0whwuh9qj1t067xro1_500.png photo tumblr_n0whajecvR1s98xwjo1_1280.jpg photo tumblr_n0whwuh9qj1t067xro4_1280.jpg photo tumblr_n0wgbaG8Ib1t5juw9o1_500.jpg  photo tumblr_n0wpzmUoRn1ro1dyeo1_500.jpg photo tumblr_n0wf97eQod1tnk3evo2_r1_500.png photo tumblr_n0wkdjF0OG1sxvlg6o1_500.png photo tumblr_n0wt0fXsxR1ro1dyeo1_500.jpg photo tumblr_n0wpmx9bTm1ro1dyeo1_500.jpg photo tumblr_n0wt0fXsxR1ro1dyeo1_500.jpg photo tumblr_n0wpmx9bTm1ro1dyeo1_500.jpg