Ashanti promotes new album on 'The Breakfast Club'...

The Breakfast Club was one of Ashanti's promo stops in support of new album 'Braveheart', which dropped in stores today (finally). She spoke about the album and why she chose to go the independent route. She was offered seven record deals between 2009-2012, but all of them "dug" into her pockets too much. She went independent so she could keep a higher percentage of her earnings. For years, it was rumoured she had sex with her then Murder Inc boss Irv Gotti to advance further in her career. An allegation she fiercely denies.

True or not, nobody wants to put it out there that they did a bit of bed hopping for some success. I mean, he was accused of buying a huge percentage of her albums just to further generate that 'princess of R&B' hype he put out there after Aaliyah's passing. I don't know about you but where I come from, when someone goes to those extremes, it's usually because they're getting something out of it. The pair did not speak for 7 years after she left the label, but they're in a better place now. Watch the entire interview below.