Brandy plots seventh studio album...

As long as Brandy is working on new music, I can actually cope with her acting roles. I've never really cared for them since 'Moesha', because that was my show back in the day. I remember rushing home from school just to catch it. Good times. 

Brandy did a new interview with Glamour where she discusses new music and her latest role on TV Land's 'The Soul Man' which premiered last night. 

She says she would love to have her own sitcom one day in the future as comedy is her niche. But what about her music? Last year, it came to light that her name was no longer on RCA's roster. But this hasn't deterred Brandy. She loves music because it's her first love and she confirms she's going to start working on it full time very soon. 'Two Eleven' wasn't terrible but the project doesn't rank in my top five as most favourable albums from her. So while the album wasn't a big comfort to my ears, I will always look forward to new Brandy music.