Chris Brown sent to jail after being kicked out of rehab...

Christ! Chris Brown is going to jail. According to TMZ, the embattled star was kicked out of a Malibu rehab facility where he’s been staying for almost four months. It’s yet to be disclosed why he was kicked out, but sources tell TMZ that he violated “internal rules.” However, it did not involve violence or drugs. 

As of now, he is being transported to jail by LA County Sheriff’s deputies. SMH. 

According to TMZ sources, Chris was caught having “an inappropriate relationship” with a female worker at the beginning of the month, but that is NOT why he was thrown out today. After being ordered to remain in rehab for 90 days to complete anger management therapy, he was then ordered to spend an additional two months at the facility, much to his frustration. 

It's really horrific how he wasted his life, career and talent. Although he was on a downward spiral after the Rihanna incident, at one point, it looked like he was getting his life back in order. I was actually rooting for him. Perhaps jail is the only thing that can save him now.