Kelly Rowland confirms Pharrell Williams for new album...

Billboard caught up with Kelly Rowland to discuss her upcoming new album. Following her announcement that she's departed from Universal Republic, she confirms Pharrell Williams for the project. 

Therefore, we'll probably get some wishy washy 'Blurred Lines' meet 'Happy' recycle, you know, more 70s disco beats and vice versa. I'll be surprised if we don't.

It seems Williams has been latching onto that formula for other artists since he's enjoyed major chart success with it. So no, this news doesn't excite me.
“Pharrell [Williams] is on board. We already talked about it. I’d love for Timbaland to be on board. We’ve had discussions as well. I want to try some new talent as well. There’s so much new talent… There’s somebody out there with something new to give and I’d love to tap into that as well.”
Check out the full interview below.