Rihanna flaunts the cake for new photoshoot...

I don't understand why anyone would pose like this for a photoshoot (pic #4). But then, you remember it's Rihanna. She was spotted posing for pics in the Hollywood Hills yesterday as part of a photoshoot for a French magazine. It looks like she is completely bottomless with serious tan lines on display. 

Sorry to disappoint, but she is actually wearing a translucent latex bikini.

I'm assuming the final edit will give off this illusion she is actually nude and of course the "tan lines" will be airbrushed. It still doesn't justify these photos looking less flattering. But I know the actual spread will be hot in their finality.
 photo 62064_900_zpsbe1e6414.jpg photo 61860_900_zpsa2ca2e4f.jpg photo 63999_900_zps2dba065c.jpg

 photo 62783_900_zpse3d21694.jpg photo 62677_900_zps3e1d2502.jpg photo 63489_900_zps18b486ad.jpg