Mariah Carey lambs continue to rip JD a new asshole over delayed album...

Lambs are not happy!

There are rumours that after a billion, zillion, trillion pushbacks, Mariah Carey's new album won't be butterflying it to record stores this May 6th. Speculation of the pushback comes from the album recently being pulled from Island Records release schedule. And her lambs are pissed as hell. 

They confronted her manager Jermaine Dupri over the hold up and the poor mishandling of the album and this is the Twitter storm that went down yesterday: 

Uh huh. The argument follows MC's former record boss LA Reid cosigning furious tweets from fans about JD being a poor manager. JD must have caught onto that due to his LA dig in regards to how Janet Jackson's last album 'Discipline' was handled. Oh. Bear in mind, Mariah has been trying to release singles from this album since 2012 starting with that 'Triumphant' mess. She's released FOUR singles to date and still the album can't come out. Can you blame the lambily for being royally mad? We want the album, whether it flops or not!