A lamb spends $1,200 to get Mariah Carey's new album early...

On her new album, Mariah Carey has a song called 'Dedicated,' featuring Nas. She should consider dedicating it to one lamb of hers because Milo Yiannopoulos, a columnist for Business Insider, spent $1,200 just to fly out to Germany from London to buy her album early. Some people have money to flush down the toilet.

He describes why he dropped an entire month's rent on the project:
Why am I travelling across Europe to purchase a CD? Because I don't steal music, and because record labels are a—holes. The album comes out today in Germany and Australia, but, for some reason, the US and the UK. Both have to wait until next week, which I don't want to. There's a certain cachet to doing something so ridiculous. It puts you squarely in the premier league of fans (since you ask, Mariah devotees are called "lambs"). In this age of iTunes gift cards (which can be used to open foreign accounts, if you're really determined), it's getting harder and harder to demonstrate that you're a proper nut-job groupie. I'm hoping no one bested me and flew to Australia, by the way, because that would murder my standing in the forums.
No one should have to drop over a grand to prove their devotion to an artist who is not aware of your existence. I mean, he could have spent that money buying multiple copies of her album instead. What is four days to wait? A large portion of that money was spent on what had to be a first class flight. Simply not worth it for one album worth $10, an album that was available to stream online for the past week. Absolutely bonkers.