Chris Brown: The face of a broken man...

A stoic faced Chris Brown sits in an L.A. courtroom yesterday as he awaits a judge to set a date for his next probation violation hearing. He looks healthy to me, and he's eating good. His neck and face is more fuller since the last time we seen him. He just looks sad, unkempt and maybe a little older than his 25 years. Must suck that he's going to spend his birthday in jail. He's done seven weeks so far. 

 In a space of a few weeks, he goes from this: 

To this: 

Still, nothing that a shave and a haircut can't sort out right? Then he will go back to looking like sexy Chris Brown again. The judge rules that he must remain in jail at least until the next hearing on May 9th. As of now, he faces up to four years in prison if the judge decides he violated his probation.