Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake duet wrong on so many levels...

A duet that should never happen.

According to Page Six, Justin Timberlake has a guest spot on Michael Jackson's second posthumous album, ‘Xscape’ (alongside Mary J. Blige, Questlove and D’Angelo). ETA: He has the guest spot on MJ's first single 'Love Never Felt So Good', which was reportedly produced by Timbaland, the album’s lead producer. If you recall, JT left MJ's sister to fry during Nipplegate/The Super Bowl and Jackson fans never quite forgave him for it either. But the matter of fact is, MJ would never have duetted with JT if he were still alive. MJ was never known to collaborate with watered down carbon copies of himself. He would give them a nod by letting them perform with him on stage (as he did with JT and Usher) and he would later go on to cosign his other protege Chris Brown's tribute performance at the 2006 World Music Awards. But he NEVER gave them vocal spots on his albums. I don't necessarily consider Usher an amateur by the way. He is a far more superior singer and performer than JT despite RollingStone laughably deeming JT the new King of Pop, and yet Usher STILL couldn't get that much desired collaboration. 

However, Ush was still a pupil of the King of Pop persuasion, as was JT and others. The last biggest male collaboration MJ did was with fellow legend Paul McCartney a billion years ago and they were friends. I can't help but feel this upcoming collab is a mockery to MJ's legacy and what he stood for as an artist. But you didn't hear it from me.

JT unwraps the official artwork on Instagram: