MKS are back to being 'Sugababes' again + insults are thrown...

Too little too late?! The original Sugababes who reformed as MKS have now changed their name back to the Sugababes, and plan to relaunch in August. Apparently, the original line-up won back the rights to use the name they started off with after Amelle Berrabah, Jade Ewen and Heidi Range officially disbanded.

It's a tricky situation though because the Sugababes will always be known as Mutya, Keisha, and Heidi (sorry Siobhan). They can swear up and down all they want about this being the original line-up but they were at their most successful commercial-wise as Mutya, Keisha, and Heidi. That's just plain fact. Not only that, but they released their best work in 'Taller In More Ways.' 

MKS signaled a fresh start for the group and it also had a nice ring to it. Now it just feels like a step backwards and the chances are, the name change won't do much to boost their messy comeback, which saw the epic failure of their first single 'Flatline.' The jokes just write themselves huh? Anyway, it's highly speculated that the trio have signed a new partnership with Red Light Management so what becomes of that, time will tell. 

In juicier news, former Sugababes member Amelle got into a Twitter beef with current Sugababes member Mutya earlier today. Let's just say, it's no secret that Mutya got breast implants some years ago and Amelle came thick with the shade. Check out their scathing tweets below.
Mutya responds: