Rihanna records 12 songs for the 'Home' soundtrack...

According to Jeffrey Katzenberg, “Rihanna has done 12 songs for the movie ‘Home.’ In the film, Rihanna offers her voice to a character named Tip. The plot is centred around an alien species relocating to Earth in a bid to hide from their mortal enemy.

Katzenberg stresses that the movie isn't just some typical Broadway-inspired musical where the characters break into song. The music Rihanna recorded will be used for certain scenes and characters, which will be featured on the official soundtrack. 

Emeli SandĂ© has also confirmed she is not just writing for Rihanna's 8th studio album. She will be lending her pen to this Rihanna concept album too. The movie has been pushed back to March 27th, 2015 as opposed to the previously announced November 26th, 2014. 

Navy was certainly having major withdrawals like a crackhead gone cold turkey, so two albums from Rihanna totally makes up for not releasing one at all last year. 

Ready for a flaw-free era?