Keshia Chanté reveals why she turned down Aaliyah role...

Over the years, Keshia Chanté has always been billed for the lead role in the Aaliyah biopic. She previously ditched the role out of respect for Aaliyah's family and repeated those same sentiments in a recent Instagram post. 

Despite turning down the role, Kesha still has love for her girl Zendaya Coleman who was selected to take on the role instead. 

She writes:
Now regarding the Aaliyah film, I just want to say Thank You all for the outpouring of love & support. You guys went so hard!! It’s really touching to know that you root for me! Words can’t even express. But this particular project just wasn’t for me. After learning more about the situation & how the Haughton family truly felt, I just didn’t feel like it was right. But at the end of the day, this is just one, of what will be many movies on Babygirl’s life. So maybe one day, if it’s the right circumstance, timing & I get the blessing, I’ll choose to be a part of something. Until then, keep #Aaliyah’s legacy alive & positive! And support my girl Zendaya who is just living out her dreams & working hard to do so! xo KC
Zendaya has been getting some serious backlash over this role, but she seems very determined. Some people even think Zendaya should follow Keshia and Teyana Taylor's reasons to leave the Lifetime biopic well alone. But even if she had, producers would only have casted another actress ambitious enough not to let this controversy deprive her of a really good career opportunity. Personally, I'd have preferred Keshia but I'm definitely willing to give Zendaya a chance, because everyone deserves the right to prove themselves.