Watch: Cheryl Cole performs ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’...

Cheryl Cole delivered her first televised live performance of her new single 'Crazy Stupid Love' last night on Britain's Got Talent. The high octane performance featured a troupe of dancers, backing track, fire and a special appearance from Tinie Tempah. Given the lackluster nature of the song, and Cheryl's energetic ability to sell a song during its first live performance, you would think this would somewhat make the song a little more tolerable, but instead it did the total opposite.

The performance started out strong but then it just fell flat, and there was no hardcore routine to make up for the song being her worst lead single. The dancing/choreography was not as good as it usually is. The street/urban/hip-hop aesthetic did not match the song at all. Perhaps a 70s cabarat-style theme or something more retro would have been a better fit? There was very little reaction from the crowd when Tinie came out and it was so cringe watching her twerking that non-existent derriere. She can't sing her way out of a paper bag so when your performance fails to sell a lackluster song, we could say she's in trouble. Needless to say, Little Mix had the better performance by far.