Keyshia Cole confirms visual album, shoots Future-assisted video for 'Love Letter'...

As we already suspected, Keyshia Cole confirms that her upcoming new album 'Point of No Return,' will serve as a visual one. She reveals on Twitter that for the "story telling album," she has a few more videos to shoot before she's done. She also took to Instagram this week to tease her new video 'Love Letter' which features Ciara's fiance Future.
The visual album was such a fantastic idea that at some point, it was bound catch on. A huge brand like Beyoncé had the concepts, artistry and anticipation to sell it wholesomely, not just once, but twice. Can you imagine if visual Queen Rihanna did one?!?! Anyway, despite little buzz for this album, Keyshia has some cute visuals. Maybe they can compensate a little for the music not being as great as previous albums?