Listen: Britney Spears' unedited 'Alien' vocal (disturbing but not shocking)...

So apparently, a very ear-bleeding version of last years 'Britney Jean' track 'Alien' surfaced online. There has been some major noise over it because her vocals are unedited with no auto-tune enhancement. No cookies for guessing that she sounded absolutely terrible. Laughably, the track's producer William Orbit has taken to Facebook to defend it, saying that the leaked vocal was the result of Britney getting "warmed up." Well, alrighty then!
Seriously, I don't even know why these unedited Britney Spears tracks still cause noise. It's been pretty obvious from DAY ONE that she can't sing. Plus, it's not the first piece of audio to expose her. The fan in me has always embraced the catchy music and Janet Jackson-like dance abilities, at least when she COULD dance back in the day. She has always been an entertainer, not a singer and I thought that much was established well enough. But anyway, listen and compare both versions below.

No autotune:

Album version: