Little Mix criticises Heat writer Lucy Vine for 'lying' article...

Somebody just got told! Taking to Instagram, Little Mix have just went off on 'Heat' writer Lucy Vine for writing some disparaging things about the group. The article alludes to them splitting up because Perrie was being pushed away and was allegedly absent from an important promotional gig (not true).
The girls suggest to the magazine reporter that she take up children's fiction since she has a talent for writing fabrications! It's not as ruthless as Rihanna's Instagram rant to Daily Mail reporter Liz Jones a year ago, but it's still striking enough to bring Ms Vine to shame. Check out their warring words inside!

They write:
"It brightens our day to see the great level of 'journalism', research and 'sources' Heat magazine and Lucy Vine bring to the media. We've never read such rubbish! We have not fallen out, there is no rivalry or tension, we grow closer professionally and as friends every single day and we guess it should be taken as a compliment that people resort to stories like this to try and bring us down. Photographed leaving Sony from one of the most fun live streams we've done so far, as a four, yet according to Heat with 'NO PERRIE' is just one of the many ridiculous lies in this article. Thank you so much for gracing us with a two-page spread in your glorious magazine. And Lucy, we suggest you take up writing children's stories...that or fiction seeing as your so good at writing bullshit."
Er Jade, is that you? Girl, you tell 'em!