New Music: Jennifer Hudson – ‘It’s Your World’ (ft. R. Kelly) + album sampler...

From her upcoming new album, Jennifer Hudson and R. Kelly join forces for a disco-soul 70's-inspired tune, 'It's Your World.' Jen debuted the uptempo jam at Sunday's BET Awards and now the studio version has surfaced. Her and Pharrell are really trying to help disco make a comeback as R&B music is still struggling. So while she's giving the kids some of that disco swing, will they take bait? Perhaps not. The song sounds like an old Whitney Houston house mix that our parents would 2 step to at cookouts. PARENTS, being the key word here.
Don't get me wrong, Jennifer can sure sang her ass off but I'm not feeling this song. I'm actually baffled that she would think doing a disco single for her next song would be a good idea. Who is picking her songs? Whoever it is, must want her to fail. It's not even contemporary sounding. She also previewed 90-second snippets of two new songs off the project called 'Dangerous' and 'He Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere.' Now 'Dangerous' sounds better than anything I've heard from her this era, and that's not saying much.