Rita Ora describes her upcoming album as "white girl gone hood"...

The owner of Britney's biggest fansite Breathe Heavy managed to score an interview with Rita Ora over the weekend. Interestingly, she referred to her upcoming new album as "white girl going hood." This puts to bed the racial ambiguity that many folks have categorized her as.
When I referred to her and Iggy Azalea as the white Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, I was called "ignorant." Why is it so hard to believe that Rita is white Albanian? Anyone with eyes can see that BOTH her parents are white so I'm not understanding why anyone would think she is still black or mixed. Now that this is coming from the horses mouth, perhaps any confusion about her race can finally end.

When discussing her new album, she says:
"It's out in September, and we're actually very close to it being done. 'I Will Never Let You Down' is the first single. I'm really excited about it. This time around I'm working with a lot of people I love: Prince, Diplo and DJ Mustard. For me it's kind of like the white girl going hood."
Interesting description. Previously, she described the album as being R&B with influences of 90s hip-hop and 80s pop such as Blondie and No Doubt. That was like a year and a half ago and her producer list is pointing towards the album being much more urban than her debut. I'm definitely here for that. There have also been rumours that her album facing postponement is down to her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris refusing to let her use any of the tracks they did together because of their split. 

Not sure if I believe that because it would imply he produced the majority of the album and I just can't see it. Plus, wouldn't they need to sign some sort of legal agreements? It would seem unprofessional on Calvin's behalf given that he's a businessman, unless she didn't pay for them? Whatever the case, we will just have to await September to see whether or not this album makes it to a record store.