Robin Thicke's new album 'Paula' sells fewer than 54 copies in Australia...

Wronged wives all over the world must be rejoicing at the serious flop Robin Thicke is encountering with his new album 'Paula.' I didn't think his album sales could get any worse than the pitiful 530 copies sold in the UK. But it DOES get worse. 
Over in Australia, he missed out on the ARIA Top 500 at the end of its first week on sale, selling fewer than 54 copies. A Blondie compilation album charted at number 500 after shifting 54 copies, but exact sales figures are not registered for albums charting outside of the Top 500. So, for all we know he probably could have sold as little as 10 copies overall! 

The album also failed to make an impact on the charts in his native US after selling just 24,000 copies. There is two words to describe this situation right now: A hot mess! It's sad that his music career is falling apart simply because he messed up his marriage. Last year, he had it all; the success, the massive hit song, the global domination, and he let it all go to his head. I bet he didn't think for one second that a year from now, every single bit of it would be taken away. Karma is certainly a bitch!